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/ Caries teeth. Stages

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Features caries

Caries amazes the most solid fabric in the human body, which we used to call enamel. The process may entail not only aesthetic disorders, but also pain. It progresses with different intensity. The disease develops due to the presence of malicious bacteria on the dental enamel, quickly spreading to dentin. The earlier the patient appeals to the dentist and the relevant therapy will be started, the less painful and laborious will be treated.

Stages of the development of caries

Depending on the degree of lesion of tissues, caries passes several consecutive stages.

  1. Stage stains. On the first of them, the patient may notice in his oral cavity the appearance of a small carious spot. There is a change in the color of enamel, it still retains its hardness, but the destructive process is already running. The demineralization of own tissue begins, the dental enamel becomes matte and whites. It is not always possible to notice such damage yourself, so professional caries treatment always begins with a preventive inspection. With the help of a special tool, the dentist can reveal the lesion foci and prescribe the most effective treatment.
  2. Surface caries. In the absence of due attention to the problem, the Caries continues to progress. There is a so-called surface caries. In demineralization of dental enamel, the patient begins to react painfully to the use of acidic, hot, cold or sweet food.
  3. Average. The next stage of the development of the disease involves the defeat of dentin. Man faces middle caries. He not only experiences discomfort, but also feels quite strong and prolonged pain on cold and sweet.
  4. Deep caries. The lesion of the tissues becomes deeper, the tooth actively reacts to hot food, the patient is worried about the nightly exhausting pain. When ignoring symptoms, the pulpit occurs. The carious area increases in size, the pieces of food begin to accumulate in the recess. The defeat progresses very quickly. If you do not pay for dental help in a timely manner, it may occur periodontitis. Deep caries is dangerous to the loss of tooth.

Prevention of caries teeth

It is much easier to warn endodontic treatment than to deal with the consequences of carious defeat. Dentists recommend regularly attending a doctor for conducting preventive inspections and rehabilitation of the oral cavity. This will allow to identify lesions at the initial stage and proceed to therapy. In its work, the dentist applies a dental microscope and other professional equipment that allows you to perform all operations as high quality and painless for the patient.

It is also important to keep the oral hygiene and abandon the use of sweet in large quantities. To reduce the risk of caries, fluorine-containing toothpastes should be used, as well as use the rinse.


  • Caries teeth. Stages
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