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Modern filling of tooth canals

/ Modern filling of tooth canals

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Root canals are filled before a permanent filling is placed. The procedure itself consists in the fact that the channel, which was released after the removal of the nerve, is filled with filling material.

Before filling, it is necessary to prepare the cavity. The preparatory stage includes the removal of the pulp and dental nerve. After removal of the pulp, the canal is sealed. Without this, pathogenic bacteria will accumulate in the cavity, which will continue to destroy the tooth. This can lead to more serious consequences.

Rarely where pastes are used for canal filling. This is an outdated method. Their use is less effective due to incomplete filling of the canal cavity and side branches with this preparation. Voids often cause the spread of the pathological process due to insufficient tightness.

Obsolete methods include canal mummification, as well as filling with a resorcinol-formalin mixture.

Modern dentistry mainly uses two methods of canal filling:

  1. Depophoresis. Depophoresis allows you to 100% sanitize the cavity affected by caries, as well as the channels. It is not a full-fledged filling and requires filling the canals after they have been sterilized and a filling has been placed on the tooth.
  2. Cold and hot gutta-percha. The most advanced canal filling method. Gutta-percha penetrates into every lateral canal, filling even the branches. At the same time, healthy tissues are not damaged. Only doctors of the highest qualification can apply this method. Contact professionals who will offer you a new generation of dental services!


  • Modern filling of tooth canals
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