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/ Root canal filling methods

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Root canal filling methods - choose the best option

Regardless of which filling method is proposed by the specialist and chosen by the patient, preparation for the procedure includes the obligatory cleaning of the canals from the remnants of damaged tissues, as well as filling small voids and cavities with special dental materials. Other necessary procedures that are carried out before filling are:

  1. X-ray, which establishes the total number and location of the roots;
  2. Anesthesia of a diseased tooth;
  3. Expansion of channels and passages with the help of boron and auxiliary tools;
  4. Cleaning, washing, disinfection and drying of channels.

After such preparation, the root canal is ready for filling, using one of the following common methods:

  1. Filling with gutta-percha. It is distinguished by its availability, painlessness and efficiency, and the material itself is perfectly visible on x-rays, which allows the attending physician to fully control the treatment of the tooth.
  2. Use of side pin. It is used in cases where the patient has crooked teeth or too narrow dental canals.
  3. Lateral condensation. The simplest but most effective method of filling, using various materials, commonly used by dentists as a temporary measure.
  4. Vertical condensation of hot gutta-percha. A rather complicated and long method, characterized by efficiency and reliability.
  5. E&Q Plus system. The most effective filling of the root canal, which allows you to perfectly fill all the branches and cavities with hot gutta-percha, using a professional injection gun, which is then used to install the pin.

The high efficiency of root canal filling also depends on the materials used during the procedure. Among such practical materials can be various pastes with anti-inflammatory effect, pins and fillers and other effective means.

The cost of this procedure, which is usually quite acceptable, will directly depend on the choice of the filling method and the materials used.


  • Root canal filling methods
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