Blooding the gums

/ Blooding the gums

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The reasons for the bleeding of the gums

Inflammatory processes in soft tissues may occur due to irregular or low-quality oral hygiene. A plaque is formed on the surface of the dental enamel, which is gradually transformed into the dent stone. The bacteria contained in it is distinguished pathogens and toxins, activating inflammatory processes in the gums. Sometimes patients do not observe signs of cluster of the dental plaque, but still continue to suffer from the bleeding of the gums. This is due to footing dental sediments arising from long-term inflammation of soft tissues.

Often bleeding is accompanied by painful sensations when cleaning the teeth. This is due to the increased vulnerability of tissues to mechanical effects.

How to diagnose bleeding gums

When identifying signs of bleeding, the patient should immediately turn to a professional dentist. The doctor will be able to raise the correct diagnosis and assign appropriate therapy. The volume of upcoming treatment largely depends on the degree of inflammation and its nature.

For example, the gingivitis is accompanied by the soreness of the gums and their bleeding, as well as swelling, sinusiness, or redness of the edge of the gums. In the area of the neck of the teeth can accumulate flight or dental. The presence of such symptoms as the mobility of the teeth, the strong exposure of the necks of the teeth and the appearance of purulent pockets on the gums testifies to the progressive periodontitis. This pathology has more serious consequences and requires complicated treatment, often surgical.

Gingivitis can be considered as the initial stage of inflammatory processes. In the absence of competent treatment and complete ignoring the problem, the patient's position is aggravated: the gingivitis turns into periodontitis, which is difficult to treat.

The main task of the dentist is not only eliminating the symptoms of bleeding, but also to eliminate the main cause of the development of pathology - tartar.


  • Blooding the gums
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