Features of dental implantation in women

/ Features of dental implantation in women

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When performing dental implantation in women, the dentist must take into account many individual factors, because the female body is quite complex, and some processes occurring in a certain period can significantly affect the effectiveness of the dental procedure. The main factors that can affect the effectiveness of implantation in women are hormonal changes during menstruation, pregnancy, lactation or menopause. All these and many other factors, a qualified dentist must take into account, especially when it comes to installing a large number of implants.

Implantation in women - features of the dental procedure

If a professional dentist takes into account all the factors affecting the female body, then he will be able to implant one or more teeth as efficiently as possible, and the installed implant will not be rejected by the patient's body. Among the main periods in which the installation of implants for a girl or woman will be especially effective and practical, are:

  1. The age of the patient is over 18 years old, because before that, the jaw system of a young girl is in the stage of development and formation;
  2. The period of 3-5 days before the start of the next menstrual cycle, in which the woman's body undergoes significant changes;
  3. Not less than 3 months after the end of the lactation period, when the mother's body must recover and strengthen;
  4. During menopause, when it is necessary to comply with certain rules and requirements, as well as choose safer methods and methods of implantation.

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of taking into account the characteristics of a woman's body and the changes that occur during these periods, since implantation is a rather expensive dental procedure, so the body cannot be allowed to reject the installed and implanted implants. Before implantation, most dentists prescribe mandatory diagnostics to their patients, as well as tests to determine the level of hormones and a consultation with an endocrinologist.

The main rules that need to be taken into account when conducting high-quality and effective dental implantation in women are:

  1. The procedure is not carried out during any hormonal changes in the female body, during pregnancy, menstruation or pregnancy;
  2. Implants are selected with a smooth surface or antimicrobial coating, thereby reducing the risk of plaque accumulation;
  3. It is also possible to install implants with a hydroprofile surface and a protective phosphorus or calcium layer, which are distinguished by more effective survival;
  4. The presence of adentia will require the installation of implants in deeper parts of the bone tissue, with minimal trauma to the implantation process.

Considering these and other factors, a professional dentist will be able to perform implantation in women quickly, efficiently and effectively.


  • Features of dental implantation in women
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