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Gum formation during implantation. Peculiarities

/ Gum formation during implantation. Peculiarities

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Healthy gums are just as important to a beautiful smile as teeth. Incorrect periodontal contour is a common unpleasant aesthetic defect that can cause serious diseases. Dentistry proposes to solve this problem with the help of gingivoplasty, or gum plastics, the essence of which is the formation or removal of gum tissues to improve their structural condition and appearance.

There are several ways to form the gingival margin, in which they are involved:

  • standard shaper;
  • modified shaper;
  • intraoperative plastic temporary crown;
  • ceramic-metal bridge-like temporary prosthesis.

In addition to the installation of shapers and prostheses, with artificial gums, the following may be necessary:

  • Flap surgery that corrects the level of the gums;
  • Gingival flap transplantation;
  • Tooth extension with a small part of the artificial gum;
  • Correction of the crown with external veneers;
  • Restoration of periodontal tissues due to neighboring sections of the oral cavity.

Implantologists can use a variety of tools to create an aesthetic and even gingival level during implantation. The cost of this procedure is based on many factors. It is important to choose the right implants and place them correctly.


  • Gum formation during implantation. Peculiarities
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