Is it possible to put 2 teeth on 1 implant

/ Is it possible to put 2 teeth on 1 implant

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The development of implant technology makes it an effective tool for restoring lost teeth. Implantation is a rather expensive procedure, so patients are wondering if it is possible to save money on prosthetics: for example, install one implant instead of two lost dental units.

Dentists do not consider this solution effective, but they do not completely deny it either. They say that the technology can be applied under certain conditions, as well as modern implants, for example, All-On-4 or other models.

Features of installing a single implant

According to doctors, this type of implantation is applicable if a bridge with three crowns can be installed. One of the crowns is attached to a healthy tooth, and the other to the implant. This dental technique has the following features:

  • It is necessary to grind and depulp a healthy tooth;
  • Under the crowns, the bone can be deformed, resulting in cracks;
  • Such a massive element of the dentition loses its ability to absorb and quickly loosens.

The dentist takes into account these criteria before prosthetics, finds the best option for installing one or two implants.

Choice of models and technologies

Qualification of the dentist: an important criterion, the professionalism of the doctor allows him to make the right decision. The doctor first of all pays attention to the location of the implant in the patient's oral cavity:

  • For the front teeth, it is important to choose the shade of the implant, usually these are products made of zirconium dioxide. When prosthetics in the smile zone, a one-stage version of the procedure is chosen using a temporary prosthesis or crowns;
  • Stronger rods are installed in the lateral zone of the jaw, their size and configuration depend on the characteristics of the patient's physiology and the distance between the molars. In these places, the prosthesis withstands significant loads in the process of chewing food. The shape and color of implants are selected taking into account the characteristics of the patient's native teeth.

For prosthetics, one-stage or two-stage dental technologies are used. In the first case, the orthopedic structure is installed on the implants within three days. In the second case, the implantation of the implant and the installation of the structure are separated by two or six months. The doctor uses dental two-piece implants: the root part and the abutment. Dentures can also be installed using patchwork technology: an incision is made in the gum.


Modern medical technologies make it possible to install an artificial tooth in place of two missing teeth. This requires a highly qualified doctor, a solid support for the dental structure, a strict selection of the brand of implants and the absence of contraindications from the patient's health. If the doctor believes that the prostheses will not last long, and soon you will have to redo everything, it is better to listen to a professional, install two prostheses.


  • Is it possible to put 2 teeth on 1 implant
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