Is it worth putting an implant instead of wisdom teeth

/ Is it worth putting an implant instead of wisdom teeth

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Wisdom teeth are molars that have been formed in humans during evolution. They are the last in terms of time of appearance and position in the dentition, which is why they are remembered only when unpleasant sensations occur - pain and discomfort when eating. Today, doctors agree that the need for wisdom teeth has almost completely disappeared - if our ancestors chewed solid food with the help of wisdom teeth, then modern culinary processing makes it possible to make a person’s diet sparing and as beneficial as possible for the body.

When wisdom teeth erupt without problems, and such cases are not uncommon, patients are not recommended to leave them. There are several reasons for this: firstly, the remote area of the "eight" significantly complicates the cleaning process, which often causes caries and various infections in the cavity; secondly, incorrect tooth growth or its further self-destruction can lead to expensive treatment. Neither the first option nor the second is worth your time and money, so when the first discomfort appears, it is best to contact your dentist to remove wisdom teeth.

When is implantation performed?

There are several indications and contraindications for implant placement. The latter usually include no need for an implant when the figure eight is removed. There are several reasons for this:

  • Extra financial costs;
  • The complexity of rehabilitation - during implantation, you will need to follow a special regimen and monitor the condition of the implanted teeth;
  • High risk of diseases - the environment of the "eights", even with implantation, remains the most optimal for the accumulation of bacteria and viruses;
  • The possibility of complications - in some cases, the implants do not take root, which may require further reinstallation.

If you can’t decide in any way whether it is worth putting an implant instead of wisdom teeth, the short answer is no. Any manipulations, with the exception of removal, can be called useless, because over time, the teeth still require treatment, most often surgical intervention. In order not to waste money once again, it is better to get rid of unnecessary teeth by entrusting the work to qualified specialists. So you can preserve your natural beauty of your teeth and avoid the following consequences: the development of caries, which often passes from the "eight" to adjacent teeth; difficulties in cleaning the mouth.


  • Is it worth putting an implant instead of wisdom teeth
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