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Recommendations after implantation of teeth

/ Recommendations after implantation of teeth

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Overall feeling after surgery

A patient who has just passed the operation, it is necessary to understand the difference between the complications and the consequences of the procedure. As soon as anesthesia passes, a person may experience pain that are the result of injury to fabrics. Usually the pain continues up to 3-5 days, but every day it becomes weaker.

Care after dental implantation

On the first day after the operation, a small total weakness and psychological tension of the body are possible. Often patients note a sense of numbness in the field of installation of implants associated with anesthesia and the impact of the tool for nervous endings. All this is a normal state and does not require the intervention of the dentist.

The next day, swelling may appear after the installation of dental implants, which occurs as the result of the lymph tribe to the injured zone. The lymphatic fluid provides the regeneration of tissues, so its appearance should not be afraid. In the absence of complications, the swelling quickly passes. If the installation of only 1-2 titanium implants, edema may not be.

Nutrition rules

In the rehabilitation period, the patient needs to limit any burden on the operation to the operation. In order not to injure the gums, you should follow the following rules:

  1. Do not eat and do not drink the first 3 hours after implant implantation;
  2. Refuse to use acidic, acute food;
  3. Include soft products in the diet;
  4. The first three days do not drink too cold / hot dishes and drinks;
  5. Limit black tea, coffee, gas production;
  6. Drink up to 1.5-2 liters of water per day.

Food rules after installing dental implants

Separately mention about alcohol. Doctors categorically do not recommend taking alcoholic beverages during the rehabilitation period, as they provoke bone tissue destruction, slow down the healing of the gums increases the likelihood of complications. With regular admission of an alcoholic person, it can not always provide the necessary teeth hygiene or at a timely to attend a doctor that negatively affects the rehabilitation period.

Recommendations for oral hygiene

Consider how to care for the implants of the teeth after installation. To clean the oral cavity, you need to get a new brush, since a large number of pathogens accumulated in the old one. When leaving, follow the following rules:

  1. Do not touch the operated area with hands or other objects;
  2. In the first 3-4 days, avoid rinsing. For prophylaxis, you can make oral baths that will prevent the formation of the inflammatory process;
  3. The brush is allowed to use from 3-5 days after surgery. It must be soft to eliminate the injury to the embedded gums. Optimal is the stiffness of the bristles in the Soft and Ultra Soft categories;
  4. From 2-3 weeks you can use an irrigator. At first, turn it on at low speed, use the rinsers after the procedure with antibacterial properties.

Medicia treatment

After the operation, the dentist can prescribe painful drugs. The patient needs to follow the state and take the medicine after the cessation of anesthesia. To reduce the likelihood of edema, you need to do cold compresses. For cooling, it is possible to apply ice, meat from a refrigerator or vegetables that are pre-wrapped in several layers of fabric. Compress hold from 5 to 10 minutes with a break to 5 minutes. For two hours you can make up to 10 applying.

In case of complex procedures, the doctor prescribes antibiotics after the implantation of the tooth, ointment for processing seams, vitamins, antihistamines to reduce swelling. For each patient, a separate treatment plan is being developed according to the complexity of the operation and the characteristics of the body. It is important to strictly follow the recommendations and take medicines according to the developed scheme.


Lifestyle during rehabilitation is played an equally important role than ration or hygiene. After implantation, people need to temporarily change many habits, abandon some hobbies and hobbies. When recovering after the operation, it is important:

  1. Exclude excessive physical exertion. Severe work or sports can increase pressure, to stimulate blood circulation. As a result, the wound will begin to bleed and inflamed. Try at least the first time not to go to the gym, do not run in the morning, do not lift heavy items.
  2. Avoid hypothermia or overheating. When installing implants, do not attend the sauna, the bathhouse for a month, since the high temperature increases blood circulation, and this can lead to inflammation. It is advisable not to swim in open reservoirs. The water in them is below room temperature, which can entail the supercooling and the appearance of the inflammatory process.
  3. Refuse flights. The ups and landing of aircraft cause elevated loads that do not mostly affect the wound healing.
  4. Carefully cough or sneeze. This is especially true of the patients who were performed by osteoplasty or put zilly implants. In such a situation, any loads are dangerous, so when coughing, sneezing, or sulfur, you do not need to inflate cheeks or open your mouth.
  5. Try less smoking. Tobacco smoke contains harmful substances that slow down the healing processes. Nicotine is able to narrow the vessels, slow down the metabolism, disrupt the nutrition of the tissues.

What is forbidden to do during the rehabilitation period

Competent departure after implantation requires not only proper nutrition and hygiene, but also a clear compliance with the recommendations of the doctor, including concerned. If the patient put implants, for the time of rehabilitation it is prohibited:

  1. Include solid food in the diet, as this may damage the prosthesis and impaired the pin of the pin of the pin;
  2. Use a dental thread, especially when installing several rods at once - after the operation, the tissue is slightly losing sensitivity, so a person may injure the operated area;
  3. Brush the teeth with an electric brush - it vibrates strongly and has increased pressure on the gum, which contributes to the violation of the stabilization of implants;
  4. Making professional cleaning in any dental office - the doctor must have extensive experience in cleaning the oral cavity after implantation.

Cases when you need to consult a doctor

In most cases, the rehabilitation period proceeds without complications, but by virtue of various factors, anxiety symptoms may occur in a patient. To consult a doctor is necessary in the following situations:

  • Acute pain that does not pass on the third day after intervention;
  • High temperature for 3-4 days after the procedure or its sharp increase;
  • Seams were separated after the implantation of the tooth;
  • Numbness that persists for a week or spreading along the face;
  • Non-sacred teeth, difficulty having firing;
  • Sharp strengthening of swelling after its recession;
  • Bleeding, redness of soft tissues that does not fall after 2-3 for after installing implants;
  • The appearance of the mobility of the prosthesis.


  • Recommendations after implantation of teeth
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