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What are the best dental implants?

/ What are the best dental implants?

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There are a large number of dental implant manufacturing companies on the world market, but only the best of them have occupied their niche in the dental industry. There are economy, medium and premium implants. Most patients are satisfied with economy-level constructions, as they combine high reliability (98% and higher engraftment guarantee) with an affordable price. Premium products also help to achieve the ideal aesthetic effect and are suitable for non-standard clinical situations.

What properties should a quality implant have?

The most common and physiological implants are root-type. The task of any implant is to have high bioadaptation, that is, to be able to engraft as quickly as possible in the human body and stay in the bone tissue structure for a long time without rejection.

Modern dental implants are made from titanium alloys. This is a hypoallergenic material that is not perceived by the body as something alien. A special unique porous coating of implants, patented by each of the manufacturing companies, accelerates osseointegration and guarantees reliable retention of the structure in the jaw.

The implant must be physiological and functional. Thanks to thoughtful design, there are many models of such devices that allow you to restore a smile in the most difficult situations.

When choosing a manufacturer, pay attention to whether they provide a guarantee for their products, and whether they offer a free re-operation in case of rejection of the previous implant. Remember that with proper care of the oral cavity and the fulfillment of all doctor's prescriptions, the service life of implants is measured in tens of years. Crowns that are installed on their basis will have to be changed more often - once every eight to ten years.

An important quality of any implant is its aesthetic appearance. The device must be indistinguishable from the rest of the dentition. It is this approach to work that allows you to completely return patients to normal life, making them attractive and successful.

Which companies offer quality implants?

Dental centers cooperate with various manufacturers of dental implants. Each company trains specialists in the use of its devices, conducts research on clinical implantology and constantly improves its products.

The Swedish company Nobel Biocare is one of the leaders in the production of implants in the premium segment. Despite the high cost, its products enjoy well-deserved popularity and have earned the recognition of doctors around the world. She has been developing implants for over 40 years and has one of the highest device survival rates. A wide variety of models allows you to choose a successful treatment algorithm even in the most difficult clinical cases. Excellent aesthetics is an additional advantage of this product.

The market leaders in economy-class implants are manufacturers INNO, Alpha Bio and MIS.

The Israeli company Alpha Bio is a subsidiary of the Swedish Nobel Biocare, so patients and doctors who prefer the models of this manufacturer can count on guaranteed quality, reliability, functionality and durability of the devices used.

INNO from South Korea has a worthy reputation in the field of implantology and has been producing high-tech and safe dental implants for more than ten years. Several lines of models are produced, each of the designs takes root in more than 98% of cases. The convenience of working with implants during installation, good aesthetic qualities of products help the company's products to be widely used in many countries around the world.

If you decide to have a dental implant, only perform this procedure at a reputable dental center. An experienced doctor will help you choose the implants that will be best suited to improve your health.


  • What are the best dental implants?
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