Can my teeth be treated with braces?

/ Can my teeth be treated with braces?

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Braces are worn for a year, and often for two or three years. That's a long time. What should you do if decay occurs on your teeth during this time? Endure the pain and do nothing until the braces are removed? Or go to the doctor?

In short, teeth can be treated. And you should! Even if you have some kind of dental restoration in your mouth, it doesn't matter if it's braces, eliners, veneers or dentures. If you take your time at the doctor, the disease will get worse, and will move into the tooth, get to the neurovascular bundle and lead to pulpitis. Or even more serious complications.

How do you treat tooth decay with braces if it appears?

In most cases, having a brace installed will not prevent the dentist-therapist from treating your teeth. It all depends on where on the tooth the problem is located.

If the back or chewing surface of the tooth is affected by decay, the braces will not have to be touched or moved at all. After all, there are no arches or locks that would make it difficult to access the problem area. The treatment will proceed as usual.


If decay is found on the contact between the teeth or on the front surface, it is better to remove the arch that binds the braces together for access. Ask your orthodontist to detach and remove the arch before you see the dentist, and to put it back in after treatment. This will not affect your bite alignment.

The hardest part is if decay has developed in the area around the bracket-lock. First, the orthodontist will need to remove the arch and peel the bracket from the tooth. After that, the therapist will treat the decay. The final step is to glue the retainer back on or replace it with a new one if the removed one is damaged and can't be put back in place.

Will I have to have my braces completely removed because of tooth decay?

In the vast majority of cases it is not necessary. Orthodontic treatment is stopped in rare and, it must be said, quite neglected cases.

The system is removed when many teeth are affected by decay, plaque has accumulated around the locks, and the patient does nothing about it. If the health of the teeth is threatened, it must be dealt with first. And only then - alignment of the teeth and bite.

How to avoid cavities with braces? No special complicated procedures are needed for this. Again, it all comes down to quality preparation for treatment and good oral hygiene.

So there is nothing to be afraid of. Even if decay appears during the months that you wear your braces, it can be removed without stopping orthodontic treatment.

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