Correction of front teeth using crown and restoration

/ Correction of front teeth using crown and restoration

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The patient applied to the dental clinic because of damaged two front teeth. It was decided to install crowns with performing a simultaneous restoration.

To date, the installation of crowns on damaged teeth is considered one of the most common procedures performed in dental clinics and offices. There are a number of materials used for the fabrication of dental crowns. Your dentist will advise what dental crown is right for you.

The initial patient situation.

The patient’s photo after the treatment.

The patient was very happy with receiving the results. Visually, it is even impossible to distinguish dental crowns from natural teeth.

Crowning a tooth is shown:

  • in the presence of cracks and chipped teeth;
  • when the tooth is mechanically deformed as a result of injury or disease;
  • if you need to correct the appearance of the tooth and its main purposes;
  • when using different types of prostheses.

Dental crowns are generally considered a safe and long-lasting alternative to dental reconstruction while preserving their natural appearance.

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