How do I prepare for dentures?

/ How do I prepare for dentures?

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You probably want your dentures to last a long time and not to cause discomfort, and for this you need to prepare your mouth properly for dentures. It is especially important to follow all the rules for implant dentures.

All preparation is divided into several stages:

Step 1: Examination and consultation with an orthopedic dentist

The first step before prosthetics is an examination and consultation with an orthopedic dentist, and a diagnosis - an orthopantomogram (OPTG), but in some cases a computer tomography (CT) scan may also be required. This diagnosis will assess the condition of the teeth, bone tissue, and hidden infections.

After diagnosis, a treatment plan is drawn up and a prosthesis suitable for the clinical case is selected.

Step 2: Therapeutic tooth preparation

The second step is the therapeutic preparation of the teeth, which means that the teeth are treated and inflammation of the mouth is eliminated. Professional oral hygiene is also required, which removes dental deposits and pigmented plaque using ultrasound and an air-powder system.

It must be remembered that dentures are performed only on stable teeth, because any structure is fixed to the remaining teeth. Therefore, if the teeth are moving and the gums are inflamed, it will lead to the progression of the disease, even more loosening of the teeth on which the denture is held.

Step 3: Surgical preparation

The third stage is surgical preparation. At this stage, the teeth to be replaced by dentures are removed, and excess tissue that may interfere with the proper installation of the elements is removed.

Also at this stage, if necessary, implants are placed, both for fixed prostheses and for additional support for removable prostheses.

Step 4: Orthodontic treatment

In some cases, indications may require orthodontic treatment, which can be performed with braces, eliners or other structures. This treatment aligns the teeth, corrects the bite, and creates space for dentures if necessary.

Preparation of the oral cavity for prosthetics does not necessarily consist of all of the above steps. Each clinical case is considered individually after the examination of the patient.

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