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Modern technologies and materials used in dentistry make it possible not only to treat diseases of the teeth and oral cavity, but also to make a beautiful smile. Even the most difficult cases can be corrected today, the main thing is to find experienced specialists who will help you gain a confident, dazzling smile and the attention of others.

Aesthetic dentistry directions

The dental clinic can offer you:

  1. Laser teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures. Unlike other types of whitening, laser whitening allows you to achieve a snow-white smile in just a few procedures without harming the enamel, while the effect lasts for a long time;
  2. Orthodontic treatment - the correction of misaligned teeth can be carried out in different ways. So, one of the methods allows you to align your teeth with the help of transparent, almost invisible caps. The process of such treatment can take from 2 months to 2 years, depending on the severity of the pathology.
  3. Installation of metal-free crowns using technologies that make it possible to achieve their maximum correspondence to the natural color and shape of the teeth;
  4. Installation of veneers, lumineers - veneers are porcelain or composite plates that allow you to adjust the color of the enamel, mask chips and cracks, and change the shape of the tooth. Most often, veneers (Lumineers) are used to restore the front teeth. They are glued to the surface of the tooth with a special cement. At the same time, grinding and depulpation of the tooth is not required, the procedure is absolutely painless.


  • Aesthetic dentistry
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