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CAD and CAM systems in dentistry

/ CAD and CAM systems in dentistry

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The abbreviation comes from an abbreviation of the words Computer-Aided Design and Computer-Aided Manufacture. Initially, CAD / CAM systems were used in industry, but today they have found their application in the medical field, in dentistry in particular.

Design using computer technology

Abbreviated as CAD. This system is used for product design and development. In fact, the computer replaces drawings on paper, allowing you to create three-dimensional models. These models can be viewed from any angle and projection. If necessary, at the modeling stage, you can replace individual elements or even rebuild the entire model. When the project is brought to its logical conclusion, you can print detailed drawings that will be used for production.

The most modern systems allow the structural properties of materials to be included in the calculation. At the stage of mathematical modeling, this will make it possible to predetermine the behavior of the structure under certain conditions, to assess the consequences of the changes made to it even before the start of production.

Manufacturing using computer technology

The CAM system is used to control power tools. With their help, you can give the materials the desired shape. First, the object is constructed on a computer, and then the same computer transmits instructions to mechanized tools that bring the project to life.

CAD/CAM systems are actively used today in dentistry. They significantly expanded the possibilities of working with new materials, including composites and ceramics.

These materials have many advantages over traditional ones:

  1. Ability to change proportions to match the color of the tooth;
  2. Increased wear resistance;
  3. High biocompatibility;
  4. The possibility of processing these materials in order to create a strong bond between the filling and the tooth.

These benefits guarantee the patient a comfortable life without restrictions on solid food intake, as well as a beautiful smile for many years to come.


  • CAD and CAM systems in dentistry
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