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/ Cofferdam in dentistry

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What is a cofferdam?

The system is a curtain made of latex, which is attached to the base in the form of a frame or arc. The veil is superimposed on the patient's oral cavity to prevent the ingress of saliva, blood, moisture particles. The rubber dam is a system that consists of a curtain, devices for forming a hole for access to the tooth and clamps for fixing.

The rubber dam is applied by the dentist using clamps, clamp connections, with or without wings. Sometimes the participation of an assistant is required, in some cases the doctor copes with the installation of the device on his own.

Pros and cons of the system

Dentists recommend treating teeth with a rubber dam. The tool excludes the penetration of infection into the oral cavity during the treatment procedure. It is especially important to use the product when filling canals. Cofferdam showed its best side:

  • The patient is protected from swallowing caustic solutions and dust, the tooth cavity is securely closed from dangerous bacteria;
  • Improves the quality of the installation of the seal. Composite fillings are sensitive to moisture, so it is necessary to create sterile conditions for treatment;
  • The mouth does not dry out, as the patient breathes through the nose, there is no discomfort from the touch of the dentist's fingers;
  • The patient can say something to the doctor that is impossible to do with the usual tampons and saliva ejectors in the mouth;
  • With a rubber dam, you can swallow, the facial muscles are in a relaxed state.

The rubber dam has a few downsides. Some patients fear that it will be difficult for them to breathe, others are diagnosed with an allergy to latex. The use of a curtain leads to a slight increase in the cost of the procedure, which is justified by safety and a reduction in the time spent in the dentist's chair without compromising the quality of his work.

Liquid rubber dam - an alternative to traditional means

As an alternative to the usual means, a liquid rubber dam is used. This is a gel-like substance, it contains methacrylate. The mass is laid out in the oral cavity in the area of the diseased tooth. The gel dries in 20 seconds, and the doctor can begin manipulations.

The gel-like mass penetrates into hard-to-reach places in the cavity, which must be isolated from the penetration of microorganisms. At the end of the procedure, the rubber dam is removed using a special tool. The technology is in demand for teeth whitening and enamel treatment.


  • Cofferdam in dentistry
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