Do tongue piercings harm teeth

/ Do tongue piercings harm teeth

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Consequences of tongue piercing for teeth

It seems that tongue piercing can not end in anything bad? The main problem of wearing a piercing is chips and cracks in the enamel. In the course of chewing food, communication or normal movements of the bar in the oral cavity, it constantly comes into contact with the teeth, leaving microcracks. They themselves become a problem - the sensitivity of the teeth increases, they begin to react with unpleasant sensations to hot and cold, sweet and sour.

Over time, the problem worsens - cracks grow, chips form, which can be felt tactilely or even seen with your own eyes. Not only enamel suffers from interaction with the barbell - if veneers or implants are installed on the teeth, chips also form on their surface. As a rule, after four years of wearing a tongue piercing, chips and cracks are diagnosed in all patients.

Gums from the constant wearing of piercings suffer no less. In the region of the inner surface of the anterior teeth, they gradually descend due to the pressure exerted by the barbell. Without gum protection, the root of the tooth begins to be injured, which can lead to loosening of the teeth.

Is there a safe piercing?

Despite the negative impact on the teeth and gums, tongue piercings continue to be actively done. It is important for this to contact an experienced dentist who will tell you about all the risks and consequences so that you can make a decision with all the necessary information.

It is also important to observe certain rules for wearing piercings in the tongue:

  • Within two weeks after the puncture, regularly disinfect the oral cavity;
  • Do not play with the tongue with the barbell, so as not to have an unnecessary effect on the gums and teeth;
  • Visit the dentist regularly to notice the appearance of problems in time.

Pay attention to the condition of your gums and teeth and your own feelings. As soon as it seems to you that something is wrong in the oral cavity, go to the dentist. He will tell you what the reason is and explain whether it is necessary to remove the barbell. A competent specialist will give all the necessary recommendations for oral care and help eliminate unpleasant symptoms as soon as possible.


  • Do tongue piercings harm teeth
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