Eleperers against braces. What is the difference

/ Eleperers against braces. What is the difference

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Elenerians are prescribed not to all patients, since not all anomalies can be corrected with their help. Kapaps for teeth do not have the necessary pressure force, which radically change the bite. Most often, they are established in order to correct the minor defects of teeth in adults and children.


Eleperers are easily removed and practically invisible, while ceramic or sapphire braces are noticeable to others. In addition, the elineers are tightly adjacent to the teeth, they have a smooth surface, which makes them more comfortable in the sock. Choose kapa on the teeth most often from aesthetic considerations.

Features of nutrition

When installing the patient braces, they are limited in the consumption of a number of products, but there are no restrictions during the installation of the elineers. This orthodontic design allows you to conduct a familiar lifestyle and not to give up your favorite dishes.

Features of care

Bracket care requires the use of special brushes, irrigators. Some patients after installing this design can complain about bleeding, irritation of the gums, but it is only in the period of addiction. The adaptation period is from 3 to 7 days.

It is much easier to take care of the seleners. They are enough to clean with a conventional brush and rinse with water. Time addictive to elaineram ranges from several hours to 1-2 days.

Question price

Treatment on rails is as a rule, more expensive bracket systems, but everything depends on the complexity of the case. For example, minor defects can be corrected by the budget case with a small number of cap, and here to eliminate serious anomalies, a decent amount will be required.<

What is more effective?

The orthodontic design is selected by a specialist. After an examination, it can estimate the bite anomaly, pick up the appropriate type of design to each patient individually. In some cases, the braces can get rid of the problem, while in other situations you can choose between braces or seleners.

With all the numerous advantages of the elininers, this system has a huge drawback - suits exceptionally responsible patients. As the design is easy to remove, then often patients forget to wear it after cleaning teeth, meals, which significantly reduces the efficiency of the design. If you are not sure that you will wear a kapa constantly, you should not waste time and money. It is better to install braces, as it is impossible to remove them without the help of a specialist.

It is impossible to definitely say which system is more effective. It all depends on the situation and the features of pathology. In any case, for an excellent result, you need to listen to the opinion of the doctor and for the sake of an ideal smile to patience and take a course of treatment to the end.


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