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Is it possible to really fix the bite at home

/ Is it possible to really fix the bite at home

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Causes of the development of improper bite

Most often, the wrong bite is developing due to genetic predisposition. If someone from parents has an anomalies of a dentition, then with a high probability they will be in a child. Other reasons for the formation of defects are underdevelopment of jaws in a newborn, artificial feeding of a baby, the appearance of adenoids, which forced to breathe mouth, and not a nose. Often, the problem leads harmful habits at an early age - when the child constantly sucks a finger or uses a dirt after teething.

Serious jaw abnormalities can be seen with the naked eye. Teeth stick out forward, intertwined with each other or placed not in their place. If the defect is insignificant, it is much more difficult to determine it. To do this, take the mirror, smash the lips and carefully inspect the dentition:

  1. With the right bite, the teeth of the upper and lower jaw are placed in parallel, that is, the upper left cutter is placed against the lower left, etc.;
  2. If the bite is correct, neither the upper nor the lower dentition should be strongly stitching forward;
  3. The presence of gaps between the teeth indicates incorrect bite;
  4. If you hold a line through the middle of the face (from the forehead on the nose to the chin), it should pass strictly between the upper and lower cutters, otherwise the bite has violations.

Any deviation from the above rules requires an orthodontic treatment, so when anomalies are found, it is worth thinking about the appeal for help in dentistry.

Danger of incorrect bite

Even minor jaw defects can lead to serious consequences. If you ignore the wrong bite, it entails the following problems:

  1. Indigestion. With the anomalies of the teeth, a person cannot chew food properly, as a result it enters the stomach poorly processed, and this contributes to the development of diseases of the digestive system.
  2. Loss of teeth. If the teeth are uneven, they account for uneven chewing load. As a consequence, the patient faces increased dismant disease of the dental units or their complete loss.
  3. Headaches. Against the background of the improper position of the teeth, there is a disruption of the operation of the jaw joints, and this provokes the load on the nerves, vessels and the appearance of headaches.
  4. Difficulty with hygiene. The uneven teeth are more difficult to clean, the bacterial flare accumulates, which causes the development of caries.
  5. Difficulties with implantation and prosthetics. The improper position of the teeth does not allow the implant qualitatively to establish or the prosthesis, so in the process of treatment, the doctor still has to take measures to correct bite.

Basic methods of bite fixes at home

Many patients believe that the correction of bite at home is quite possible. But in reality there is no effective way that would allow to align his teeth on their own. The only thing that can be done without interference is a dentist is to try to eliminate small disorders using exercises.

The main method of independent bite correction is the myotherapy - therapeutic physical education aimed at the development of maxillary and facial muscles. It provides for the performance of such exercises:

  • Node jaw nomination;
  • Teeth compression;
  • Pulling down the top lips;
  • Lip closure with the simultaneous obstacle to the fingers to this process;
  • Printing the bottom or top lip.

It is important to understand that myotherapy can only help at an early age (on average up to 7 years), and usually it is used as prophylaxis or in addition to the wearing of the orthodontic apparatus.

Advantages of treatment in the clinic

The full correction of the bite is possible only with braces, cap, elineers, plates and other similar designs. The choice of one or another method of treatment is selected by a doctor, depending on the clinical picture. The appeal to the dentist has a number of significant advantages:

  • Individual approach;
  • The right choice of the orthodontic apparatus;
  • Control at each stage of treatment;
  • Full correction, regardless of the complexity of the problem.


  • Is it possible to really fix the bite at home
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