Preservation and restoration of tooth enamel

/ Preservation and restoration of tooth enamel

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Enamel defects are often acquired, but some patients have naturally weak enamel. With such a problem, it is necessary to contact the dentist in time. The doctor will help strengthen the hard tissues of the tooth by prescribing remineralizing therapy. If the patient has caries, he will need treatment.

Causes of destruction of tooth enamel
There are several reasons for the destruction of enamel: bad heredity, bad habits, malnutrition, bad water, tooth injuries, poor-quality treatment.
To restore the strength and beauty of teeth allows the restoration of enamel.
Experienced dentists will help you in solving various kinds of problems:
  1.     Eliminate cracks formed in the enamel;
  2.     Hypoplasia and erosion will be treated.
Timely medical intervention will prevent tooth loss!
How to keep enamel healthy?
Everyone can keep healthy enamel. In a pharmacy, you can buy a preparation based on fluorine and calcium, which will strengthen the hard tissues of the tooth. They can be used at home. The tool in the form of a paste is easy to use. It must be applied to the teeth and wait until it is absorbed. In addition to strengthening tooth enamel, the paste also maintains healthy gums.
It is best to consult a dentist in order to accurately determine the frequency of use of the selected drug.


Preservation and restoration of tooth enamel
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