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Proper nutrition to save a snow-white smile

/ Proper nutrition to save a snow-white smile

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Products from which will have to refrain after the bleaching procedure

Many have already guessed that it will be about the products that tend to paint enamel. It also has a porous structure, and after professional or even home whitening, and it becomes more vulnerable to staining.

It is not recommended to use:

  1. Berries (blueberries, blueberries, black currant, raspberry, blackberry, cherry, cherry and even some grape varieties). Of course, the berries are very helpful, they contain a lot of vitamins, because it is not necessary to completely exclude them from their diet. Try not to use them within a week after bleaching, and then you can eat them, but after meals you need to rinse your mouth with water, and if possible, even clean your teeth.
  2. Spices, sauces. All sorts of spices are able to paint enamel no worse than berries. Pigmentation, of course, leads curry, beloved by many Indian seasoning. It is not recommended to use various sauces, they harm not only the snow-white shade of the teeth, but also the stomach.
  3. Black tea and coffee. For someone, this item will seem especially terrible. Both of these drinks are able to paint enamel. In addition, tea is able to leave a flap on the teeth, and coffee often settles on enamel. To reduce the harm of these drinks for our teeth, coffee is recommended to drink with milk, and if you do not imagine your life without tea - Tune in to green.
  4. Red wine. If you are a lover of this alcoholic beverage, probably noticed how after a pair of glasses, lips can be slightly stained, especially if there are cracks on them. The same influence has a red wine and enamel.

Useful for white teeth products

In addition to the list of prohibited products, there are a number of those that help support a smile in perfect condition, respectively, recognized useful. Among them:

  1. Solid vegetables and fruits. They are something like peeling for teeth. Mildly and effectively clean the enamel from the raid. Apples are recommended for use, carrots (despite its bright orange color, this vegetable is called a natural toothbrush. Just like apples, carrots removes yellowish stains, reduces the possibility of the appearance of caries).
  2. Citrus. They contain a huge amount of acids that help support the perfect whiteness of the teeth, and also protect gums from inflammation.
  3. Milk products. The diet that dentists recommend after bleaching is not in vain called "white". It is recommended to use white products, and this is just milk, cottage cheese, kefir, yogurts. The milk is useful not only for a smile color, but also rich in calcium, potassium and other useful substances that strengthen the bones, and also impede the development of caries.

Do not forget about the benefits of water for the whiteness of the teeth. Clean drinking water without difficulty flushes food residues after its use. Be careful with gas. According to the researchers, it is able to destroy enamel.


  • Proper nutrition to save a snow-white smile
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