Rules for the use of fixed dentures

/ Rules for the use of fixed dentures

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Fixed dentures should be cleaned with a toothbrush and toothpaste in the same way as natural teeth, 2 times a day. Rinse your mouth after eating to remove food debris. In the event of bleeding gums when brushing your teeth, you should not stop hygiene care. If bleeding does not go away within 3-5 days, you should contact the clinic.
If the prosthesis is placed on a temporary fixation material, it is necessary to exclude the use of chewing gum and other viscous products.
To avoid breakage of the prosthesis, its chipping, cracks, as well as damage to the oral mucosa, it is not recommended to take very hard foods, such as crackers and bite off large pieces, for example, from a whole apple.


Rules for the use of fixed dentures
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