Rules of conduct after root canal treatment

/ Rules of conduct after root canal treatment

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  1. In the very first hours after visiting the dentist, it is necessary to refrain from eating so that the newly installed fillings can harden;
  2. If you have undergone anesthesia, then its effect will last for several hours. At this time, there is a risk of biting the lips, cheeks and tongue. This is another reason why we ask our patients to refrain from eating for a while after treatment;
  3. After treatment, mild pain is possible, which is relieved by a single dose of painkillers and drugs;
  4. In the first few hours after treatment, there may be increased sensitivity of the tooth, some swelling of the gums, but usually, these mild painful manifestations are rare, since modern treatments quickly and effectively cope with the cause of pain and discomfort, namely: infection in the root canal;
  5. If a temporary filling has collapsed or fallen out between dental appointments, you need to contact your doctor as soon as possible;
  6. If you went to the doctor during the period of exacerbation of the tooth disease, and the doctor deliberately did not put a temporary filling until the next visit, during this period you will have to carry out various oral baths, and also make sure that food does not get into the tooth cavity;
  7. Remember, timely and high-quality restoration of a tooth after a course of endodontic treatment guarantees the possibility of its long-term service.


  • Rules of conduct after root canal treatment
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