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Fluoridation of teeth - high-quality and effective prevention

Teeth fluoridation is a professional dental procedure aimed at strengthening the enamel and its reliable protection against caries. Because fluoride is found in dentin and enamel, it can effectively strengthen teeth and protect their surfaces from the damaging effects of caries. Fluoridation allows you to saturate the enamel and dentin with fluorine, and the procedure itself is not only painless, but also allows you to achieve the following important goals:

  1. The treated surface of the tooth enamel is completely disinfected;
  2. The enamel surface is covered with a thin protective film;
  3. All small cracks in the enamel are eliminated;
  4. Microscopic processes of development of caries stop.

As practice shows, a well-performed fluoridation procedure in leading dental clinics has allowed many patients to reliably protect their teeth and prevent the development of caries.

What are the benefits of dental fluoridation for patients?

  1. Fillings, prostheses, implants and inlays last much longer after fluoridation;
  2. The sensitivity of the teeth becomes optimal and does not cause anxiety and discomfort to the patient;
  3. Due to the high resistance of tooth enamel to the effects of acids and pathogenic flora, the likelihood of the appearance and development of caries is significantly reduced;
  4. Enamel of milk children's teeth is protected in a child from a very early age;
  5. The enamel takes on a lighter shade and becomes white, and any shades of yellowness completely disappear.

The main types of fluoridation of teeth:

  1. Fast, which is carried out in the dental chair, in just 5-10 minutes;
  2. The use of solutions and varnishes containing fluorine, which allows fluoridation even at home;
  3. Deep, consisting of several stages and allowing trace elements of fluoride to penetrate deep into the tooth enamel and dentin;
  4. Electrophoresis used to administer fluorine-containing substances using an electrical pulse.

Given the high quality and effectiveness of professional fluoridation, most patients do not consider its cost as too high, especially since in most clinics, the price is designed for a wide audience of patients.


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