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Bristle characteristics

Soft brushes are designed for people with sensitive gums and weak tooth enamel. All children's brushes are made only from soft bristles. Adults can also use them, especially if the gums are inflamed or bleeding. Dentists recommend that adults use this brush daily, especially after every meal, which is about three times a day. Toothbrush for weak and sensitive teeth, gums has soft bristles that effectively remove plaque without damaging the enamel.

Brushes with medium bristles make up more than fifty percent of all toothbrushes in the world. It is suitable for people with healthy teeth and gums. You can use the combination bristles of medium hardness for daily brushing.

Brushes with hard and very hard bristles are used by consumers who are accustomed to such oral care. In this case, you should get the advice of a specialist, as they are more abrasive. Their use increases the risk of injury to the gums. A common misconception is that to effectively clean your teeth, you need to brush them with a hard-bristled toothbrush. People with inflammatory gum disease are especially advised not to use such brushes. Stiff bristles are less flexible and therefore do not penetrate well between the teeth and gum pockets, which need to be thoroughly cleaned. Softer brushes do the job better.

Analyzing the consequences of using different brushes, it is not worth arguing that hard brushes clean your teeth better.

There are companies that don't make hard brushes at all. This is due to the fact that hard brushes, in particular, can destroy tooth enamel if the brushing technique is not correct.

It is also worth noting the diameter of the bristles themselves. The diameter range should be between 0.07 and 0.09 mm. Such a brush does not injure the mucous membrane and helps to more thoroughly clean the surface of the tooth. The decisive factor here is not the hardness or softness of the brush, but the quantity and density of the bristles. If there are many bristles and the bundle is dense, such a brush is considered good.

Toothbrush material

Eliminate the possibility of using bristles made from natural materials - they are only good in words. Before choosing a toothbrush, it is worth remembering that only high-quality artificial fibers are used in modern toothbrushes.


  • What bristle to choose a toothbrush
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