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/ Computer modeling smile - real magic dentistry

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If you need to align your teeth, there are different ways to:

  • Braces;
  • Restoration;
  • Prosthetics;
  • Veneers;
  • Elener.

Make teeth more white will help special laser whitening. In general, today, regardless of the state of the teeth, they can be quickly and painlessly lead them in perfect condition.

However, many are wondering: how it will look, because the patient listens only to the dentist. And what if he does not like, or could it be in certain places to do differently?

Especially for this there is a special technology - computer simulation of the DSD smile (Digital Smile Design). With it, you can see how your teeth will look like before the orthopedic starts. Already in the process of modeling, you can not just see, but also adjust any little things online.

How exactly does DSD modeling?

Despite the seeming complexity, in fact everything is quite simple. In this matter, the main thing is the availability of the appropriate equipment, as well as the professionalism of the dentist.

The patient first will have to work a little a photo model. Smiling widely, the doctor takes his profile, anfas, and also under other angles. After this photo is loaded into a special 3D modeling program. Already a few minutes later, the special algorithms are displayed on the computer screen visual picture depicting how the smile lines will look like. At the same time, absolutely all nuances are taken into account to show the maximum full picture.

After the image was taken to the monitor, the doctor together with the patient together constitutes the most clear plan on which further modeling will be carried out. This may include bite correction, prosthetics, whitening, adjusting the desired part or all teeth, depending on the specific situation. At the same time, all this is done online, and the patient can see the results of each modeling option in advance.

Does the image fully coincides with the actual result?

Even when using the most advanced technologies of science and technology, all exactly people have a certain proportion of skepticism. However, in this case, they can be understood, because the picture on the monitor is one thing, and the result of the orthopedic work is completely different.

If the patient uses DSD modeling, you can simply forget about all fears. The fact is that this is a truly unique system in which a huge number of templates with detailed anatomy of the person are laid, or rather its skeleton. In this case, the design of crowns, veneers or prostheses is calculated with mathematical accuracy, so any errors are simply excluded.

That is why manufactured veneers or crowns will look exactly as in the image, because the simulation program allows the dentist to create a clear instruction for all subsequent manipulations.


  • Computer modeling smile - real magic dentistry
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