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Aesthetic restoration of front teeth

/ Aesthetic restoration of front teeth

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A smile zone implies the front teeth that are visible when a person smiles or laughs. This zone becomes the biggest challenge for patients on the road to a beautiful and healthy smile. Any defects on the front teeth become visible while talking, laughing, or smiling. That is why so much attention pays to the front group of teeth.

Dental restoration is the process of restoring a destroyed or damaged tooth using various dental methods. The restoration always involves correcting the wrong shape of the tooth, elimination defects on the teeth (chips, cracks), and aesthetic defects (dental stains, darkening, etc.). The main task of dental restoration is to restore the lost function and aesthetic component.

The condition of the patient’s front teeth before the dental restoration.

The patient applied to the dental clinic for the restoration of the color and shape of the front teeth. After the diagnosis and taking into account the patient's wishes and financial possibilities, it was decided to use the direct method for dental restoration.

The process of dental restoration.

The direct method of dental restoration occurs through using composite filling material. The restoration is performed directly in the patient 's oral cavity in one visit. The result of the direct restoration of the teeth fully meets all the aesthetic and functional requirements: the restored tooth does not differ from the natural ones, the patient does not feel discomfort and cannot determine the filling area with the tongue, the functional component is fully restored.

The condition of the patient’s front teeth after the dental restoration.


  • Aesthetic restoration of front teeth
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