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Smoking - the enemy of our teeth

/ Smoking - the enemy of our teeth

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Smoking today is a problem number 1. More than 70% of men and 20% of women were addicted to this habit. Even at the government level, the issue of combating smokers is risen - special places are divided, penalties for smoking in a public place, etc. Unfortunately, the scale of the problem is growing every year. More than 25% of people are dying every year because of their reluctance to abandon cigarettes.

On the consequences of this destructive habit of the cardiovascular system, on the lungs of tube from all ends of the Earth. But only this is not all negative consequences from cigarettes. Under the blow also teeth and periodontal tissue.


To repeat that aesthetics of a smile suffers because of smoking, probably not worth it. Since childhood, we know that smoking is an enemy for teeth. This is due to the formation of a dental plaque. When interacting with substances that are contained in tobacco smoke, the lard acquires a brown or yellowish color. By itself, the raid literally grows with the teeth's cloth and get rid of it quite difficult.

Bleaching of teeth in smokers is more difficult. No paste or other household methods are suitable here. The only solution is professional whitening.

In addition to changing the color, diseases of the smokers increase and diseases of periodontitis are enhanced by smokers. Nicotine causes the spasm of the vessels of the mucous membrane. This leads to a deterioration in the blood supply to the tissue and negatively affects the state of the gum. Treating diseases such as gingivitis, periodontalosis from lovers to delay the cigarette is much more complicated and longer.

Smell from the mouth

Pastili, sprays and other ways to deal with an unpleasant smell are not able to hide the "aroma" of cigarettes. In addition, the presence of inflammatory diseases of the oral cavity only enhance it. The only way to get rid of this problem is the disclaimer of a detrimental habit.

State of lip

Smokers with experience are known not to obscure the problem of dry lips. This is due to the fact that the body perceives cigarette as something edible, therefore saliva stands out less. Because of this, there is a constant feeling of dry lips and have to constantly moisturize them. It is desirable to use special lipstick or creams for these purposes. You also need to pay attention to the quality of the toothpaste. Very often it worsens the state of the lips, especially if the fluorine contains. To keep the lips, it is worth replacing it with herbal paste with an anti-inflammatory effect.

Mucous membrane

The permanent hit of the mucous smoke causes the leukoplaki of the nose. Smoke constantly rises up on the mucous membrane and leads to its pathological changes. Initially, it's just a whitish flare, notice which can only dentist. It does not deliver any discomfort, but at the same time the ducts of the salivary glands begin to expand. Over time, the mucous membranes arise bugish formations, tissue change occurs.

In the place of leukoplakia, the saliva is less detained, the dumping update does not occur and if I ignore this disease, cancer can develop.

The only way to treat this ailment is to refuse smoking.

Smoking - instant pleasure that brings a bunch of negative consequences. It is worth fun to enjoy this method and such a price to solve each of us, but if you want to have beautiful teeth and visit the dentist only with a preventive purpose, it is better to abandon this habit and start a healthy and active life.


  • Smoking - the enemy of our teeth
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