The fracture of teeth

/ The fracture of teeth

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A fracture is a condition when the crown or root of a tooth damages mechanically. A tooth crown fracture has a more favorable prognosis because this part can be restored. As for the damage of the root part, in most situations, it can lead to more serious complications, such as tooth extraction.  

The cause of damage can be not only a hard blow or serious injury but also a solid food, as well as foreign bodies that accidentally got into the oral cavity. Incisors are thinner than chewing teeth, so they have an increased risk of the fracture. A concomitant diagnosis may be a tooth luxation.

According to statistics, dentists have to face the problem of tooth fracture quite often. The patient, a woman, applied to the dental clinic with a fracture of two front teeth. After the examination of the oral cavity, she was diagnosed with a fracture of teeth 11 and 21. The fracture of teeth roots managed to avoid. It was decided to restore the damaged teeth using composite material in one visit.

The initial patient situation.

The restoration was completed in one visit. The patient was very happy with the obtaining result.

Preventive measures:

  • Take care of your teeth regularly, visit your dentist, and eat well. This will help to minimize the risk of damage.
  • Do not chew hard objects and try to get rid of such bad habits. At one point, your oral cavity may suffer. Do not eat too solid food, dishes that may contain bones, use carefully.
  • Trust endodontic treatment only to an experienced, competent dentist. This will help avoid damage.
  • It is easy to break a tooth by carelessness. Try to avoid such life situations. The injury is very painful, and the cost of recovery can be significant.

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