The restoration of front teeth using crown and composite material

/ The restoration of front teeth using crown and composite material

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The patient applied to the dental clinic with a problem with front teeth on the upper jaw. After the examination of the oral cavity, it was decided to perform restoration of the front teeth (11, 12, 13, 21, 23) using a composite material and install a metal-free crown on the second tooth on the right (upper jaw, tooth 22).

The initial patient situation before teeth restoration.

The photo after teeth restoration and crowing a tooth.

The direct restoration of teeth is a measure to improve the appearance, and restore the functionality of teeth, carried out directly in the oral cavity. It is performed in one visit to the dentist.

Direct tooth restoration is the restoration of the tooth shape by applying layers of special filling material (for this purpose, special compositions are used that allow repeating the natural enamel in structure, color, and light transmission) in the patient's oral cavity.

The main advantage of this dental approach for the patient is the quick completion of the necessary work to eliminate the defect. Birth defects, the consequences of injuries, and age-related changes - all these problems are easily recoverable thanks to the achievements of modern dentistry!

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