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Causes of the disease

The main cause of the manifestation of the disease is fluoride. This element is common in many foods, as well as in water. If fluoride is contained in food or drinks in a normal amount, that is, balanced, then it does not pose any danger to dental tissue. But in some products / water, this component is in excess.

This is what leads to the accumulation of fluoride in the bones and teeth, and then develops into a serious disease. Fluorosis occurs in both children and adults. In babies, the disease manifests itself both in milk teeth and in molars. These can be dark brown, yellow or light spots.

Symptoms and stages of development of fluorosis

Dental disease develops virtually asymptomatically and is localized mainly on the front teeth, in the smile area. The main visible sign of fluorosis is the formation of barely noticeable spots in the form of strokes, specks or large marks. Further, a more serious damage to the enamel occurs: erosion and chips.

Only 5 stages of fluorosis are classified:

  • Initial. It is not determined by any signs, since the shade of tooth enamel does not change in any way.
  • Light. Primary strokes of white color begin to appear, the area of the lesion is no more than 20%.
  • Moderate. Damage to the dental units is clearly visible, but the color has not actually changed.
  • Average. Yellowish or brown spots have formed, the main hard tissue of the tooth, dentin, is visible.
  • Heavy. The front dentition is covered with erosion, the enamel has a rich yellow color, chips have appeared.

A neglected disease is also characterized by malocclusion, as the crowns of the teeth break. As a result, the shape of the skull is significantly distorted in the patient, asymmetry appears, frequent headaches and dizziness haunt.

Methods for the treatment of fluorosis

For the treatment of fluorosis, you do not need to take special drugs or perform procedures using dental equipment. The doctor prescribes therapy, during which the consumption of fluoride is reduced. It is recommended to purchase filters for defluorinating water, provided that the water used cannot be replaced.

Fluoride-containing toothpastes should also be replaced with fluoride-free ones. It is worth eating less food, where there is a high percentage of fluoride in the composition (fish, oils, etc.).

These measures will help stop the development of the disease, but they will not be able to get rid of existing stains on the teeth.

But to give the teeth aesthetics and a healthy appearance, you can use whitening procedures. But they will be effective only in the case of a mild form of fluorosis - dashed or spotted. With a strong darkening of the enamel, the situation can be corrected by means of veneers or lumineers.


To avoid the occurrence of fluorosis, it is worth visiting the dentist regularly. A professional specialist will be able to detect deviations in a timely manner and promptly apply complex therapy.


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