Aesthetic restoration using veneers

/ Aesthetic restoration using veneers

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The patient applied to the dental clinic to correct the aesthetic of teeth dentition. It was decided to use veneers to achieve the best results.

Veneers will help to create the natural smile you want, with strong and beautiful teeth. Any defect can be hidden under the veneers: an unevenly growing tooth, a crack, a gap between the teeth, tooth filling, spots on enamel - in a word, a number of widespread shortcomings.

A veneer is a thin but very strong plate that attaches to the front surface of a damaged tooth and significantly transforms it. Veneers can be installed only on healthy teeth, so it is necessary to treat tooth decay (even at the earliest stage), as well as treat periodontal tissues if there is gum disease. After this, it is necessary to carry out a professional dental cleaning to removing tartar and plaque, and only then veneers can be attached to teeth.

The photo of the patient before the aesthetic correction using veneers.

The photo of the patient after the aesthetic correction using veneers.


  • Aesthetic restoration using  veneers
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