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Do teeth deteriorate under veneers

/ Do teeth deteriorate under veneers

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Beauty does not require sacrifice

Contrary to the ideas of the majority, veneers are not only beautiful, but also practical. They are the second teeth, which not only form a beautiful and flawless smile, but also protect the dentition from external negative factors.

  1. Veneers protect teeth from plaque, bacteria and acids. They serve as a real “armor”, thanks to which you can maintain healthy teeth throughout your life. The most important thing is to follow the basic recommendations of dentists. These include the basic principles of dental and oral care.
  2. Veneers help to form an aesthetic dentition as painlessly as possible, which cannot be distinguished from natural teeth. Each veneer has the most natural shape - it can be made in any color that a person wants. In practice, this allows you to get teeth in a shade that is several times lighter than natural teeth.

As for the disadvantages of wearing veneers that pseudo-experts highlight, it is important to note that they are all relative. So, the cause of problems is not the veneers themselves, but improper care of the oral cavity and non-compliance with the basic recommendations of dentists. Among the most significant are:

  • Improper care - provokes caries on the inside of the teeth, which you can get rid of even without removing the veneers;
  • Malnutrition after the installation of veneers and the presence of diseases - some products, like chronic diseases, can provoke a number of unpleasant sensations, which should be removed not by reinstalling veneers, but by periodic treatment (including preventive);
  • Insufficient hygiene - can cause inflammatory processes, which can only be eliminated during treatment and professional cleaning.

When contacting professionals - dentists who work according to the basic regulations for the quality and safety of the installation - the tightness of the veneer will not be violated, which means that saliva and bacteria will not adversely affect the condition of the teeth.


  • Do teeth deteriorate under veneers
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