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In search of the optimal solution for creating the perfect smile - healthy, attractive and as natural as possible - look to ultraniers. They are a modern and extremely effective correction technique, which has already gained rapid popularity. About what it is and how it differs from the already known veneers and lumineers - we will tell further.

Features of ultraneers - how they differ from veneers

The most proven method of correcting teeth is considered to be the installation of veneers, which became the very first development on the market. They are made from ceramic, zirconium and aluminum dioxide - materials that have their own advantages and characteristics when installed. As a rule, the thickness of such plates varies between 0.6 - 1.5 mm, and before installing them, it is necessary to grind the teeth (in order to achieve the most natural appearance of the dentition).

Ultraneers are a modern development of Russian technologists who managed to create an ideal alternative to veneers, having finalized the original version to the ideal. Today they are considered a good analogue, which is not only similar to veneers, but also surpasses them in many ways - it has a smaller thickness and excellent properties. In practice, they are made of high-strength pressed ceramic and do not require grinding of teeth.

installation of ultraniers

To create and install ultraniers, you only need to make several visits to the dentist, and follow three consecutive steps:

  • Stage 1. During the visit to the doctor, all dentitions will be checked by the doctor: the right size of crowns will be selected for them, as well as the appropriate shade of future linings.
  • Stage 2. The laboratory selects the optimal size and shape of ultraneers, created in accordance with the casts.
  • Stage 3. During the second appointment, the ceramic onlays are tried on. Immediately before fixing them, the doctor performs a professional cleaning of the teeth, which prevents the accumulation and spread of plaque/calculus and caries. At the end of the appointment, the specialist polishes the teeth - carries out the final stage of the procedures, using professional equipment and special formulations.

Benefits of ultraneers

Among the variety of obvious advantages of ultranir for the correction of the dentition, the following criteria can be distinguished:

  • Fast and hassle-free installation.
  • Possibility of partial restoration. If there are chips or other visible defects, you can use ultranears to correct 1-2 teeth in a row. When applied, you will not only get the most approximate shade of the overlays, but also a significantly improved version of the classic veneers.
  • Ease of replacement. You will always be able to remove the ultra-needles - for this you do not need to make tremendous efforts.
  • Affordable cost. Enamel will not suffer even if you want to return your teeth to their original state.


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