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House of Orthodontia

House of Orthodontia

Alphabet City

601 E 12th St New York, NY 10009 b/t Avenue B & Avenue C

(212) 392-4789


Established in 2008.

House of Orthodontia was established in 2008 as a comprehensive office for all of your orthodontic needs. Specializing in Adult & Children orthodontics; Dr. Mani Alikhani, Dr. Thomas Lien, and his office staff provide comprehensive orthodontic care for all ages and for every type of skeletal and dental abnormality. Our years of experience and being equipped with the newest, and top-of-the-line technology such as temporary anchorage devices (TAD's), digital x-ray's and virtual digital models assists our patients in realizing the potential of a beautiful & healthy smile and allows our practice to reach new heights in Orthodontics!

Business hours

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Monday 13:00 18:30
Tuesday - -
Wednesday 13:00 18:30
Thursday - -
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Saturday 09:00 15:00
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Dr. Lien is fantastic!  You can tell that he truly loves what he does and so does his team.  From start to finish, everyone in the office made me feel very comfortable with my treatment.  I am missing some teeth and Dr. Lien explained everything from the beginning what he could and could not do to straighten my teeth.  Had my treatment completed and you cannot even tell that I am missing any teeth :)
The manager took the time to explain all my payment options with total transparency.  The staff explained everything they were doing so I knew what to expect every visit.
They have another office in Brooklyn which made it convenient for my schedule when I had to go to my appointments from work or from home.  
This place is terrific for anyone that wants quality treatment and value their smile.  Extremely happy with my experience and smile with House of Orthodontia - thank you!!!

Review by Mary K., 12/18/2019


“I recommend this orthodontist to anyone unhappy or wanting to improve there smile. One of the best dental experiences I’ve ever had. The most knowledgeable, kind and gentle staff you will ever meet”

Review by Jennifer B, 07/19/2019


Di. Lien and team are the best!! I never thought my bottom teeth would be straight and 14 months later, they are.  Thanks, Dr. Lien!

Review by Noah N., 06/27/2019


House if Orthodontia is really the best! Doctor Lien and his staff are always very welcoming and professional. As an adult with braces this was a great experience hands down and the results were amazing! They have great technology and the office has always been very clean. Thank you for my new smile!! (Patient for approximately year and half)

Review by Anyeli S., 06/09/2019


“Love how understanding they were each time I had to miss an appointment or reschedule. Most importantly they provide an extremely highly quality service while utilizing state of the art facilities  for a very good price.”

Review by Daniela T, 06/09/2019


“I have 2 kids here. They love to be here. Very nice staff. Dr. Lian is very professional. He patiently answered very questions my husband and I had before we started the treatment. We asked at least 20 or 30 questions. You know how much time they spent on us. Can’t beat when they are so nice and treat you like family.”

Review by Chun P, 03/24/2019


“Dr Alikhani is an amazing orthodontist.  He sat down with me explained how we can correct my teeth.  He is very knowledgable and he cares. He has convinient office hours and very good prices.”

Review by Stacy R, 03/03/2019


” I usually see a different assistant each time. Never had any issues when they were working on my teeth. I feel as if everything was done thoroughly each time.”

Review by Mariah C, 02/06/2019


I am a 37 yo woman with braces. I never had braces when i was a kid, but all the stress from life, and eating dry aged haribo gummie candies have royally effed up my teeth. My dentist told me that in order to replace the crowns and fillings, she would need room to work, and so TA DA~! I went to house of orthodontia for evaluation and treatment.

I first went to the Brooklyn office, which was adorable. it was set up like a movie theater, so that made me smile. I then switched to the manhattan office for proximity, which had just opened. I was so impressed with this office as well. I found the color scheme to be very calming. The staff is so nice and friendly. Dr. Lien is also very professional and has such a positive energy that I actually look forward to my dentist appointment.

Got my braces in september, a palatal expander in October and my teeth are moving nicely. I could not be happier with the service at house of orthodontia. I've recommended this place to all of my friends who need orthodontic work done. :)

Review by Sally S., 11/12/2017


Finally house of orthodontia has come to Manhattan. I had my treatment in their Brooklyn office and now i can recommend this new location to my friends in Manhattan. It certainly helps that they are open on evenings and weekends which is ideal so kids don't miss school and adults can have their treatment after work... trust me you do not want to have your teeth tightened before work or school!

Review by Chloë L., 07/31/2017

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