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2246 31st St Astoria, NY 11105

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MediDental Care is a comprehensive dental clinic in Astoria, New York, providing the diverse community of men, women, and children in Queens with high-end and technologically advanced dental services. With their team of multi-specialty dentists, MediDental Care can handle all the dental needs of their patients. The clinic offers a wide range of dental services including preventive care appointments, bridges, crowns, and treatment for jaw issues related to TMJ.  On top of their standard dental services, MediDental Care also provides numerous cosmetic procedures to enhance smiles, like teeth whitening, Invisalign® teeth straightening systems, veneers, and dental implants. They also have the expertise to create a variety of oral appliances on-site, including therapeutic devices to resolve sleep apnea issues. In addition to having expert providers, the MediDental Care facility itself is state-of-the-art and entirely digital. From the modern dental chairs in the exam rooms to the cutting-edge Vatech® Green CT digital X-ray system, MediDental Care is 100% compliant with everything associated with their practice. The clinic is also completely paperless, adding to their efficiency, accuracy, and reliability. For comprehensive and personalized dental care at an office accredited by the Department of Health, call or schedule an appointment online at MediDental Care today.

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I was experiencing sensitivity and I was due for a check-up so I went ahead and booked the appointment with Medidental, i found them on google!

The facility is very clean upscale and modern. The front desk is professional and welcoming, it was not long at all for me to be seen, I was seen right after proving my information.

The dental hygienist immediately started taking my dental Xrays in no rush while being gentle. I needed to take care of a cavity and a filling, I was a bit concerned about pricing because I don't have health insurance but their prices are reasonable and worth every penny! Dr.Iosif Khaimov gave me the best dental experience I have had to this date.

Review by Sahar K., 01/13/2020


One of the best dentist Office I've been in, their scheduling is open and easy to make appointments I don't have to wait 2 months to be Seen.. The Office is super clean everything is nice, new and organized. The staff are professional starting from the front desk to the managers, assistants and dr Khaimov took his time doing the cleaning (best cleaning I've ever gotten) and he's also honest which it's hard to find that. I will definitely go back to Medidental I finally found my dentist that I don't have to go and look for one... They will work with you with payment plans, they have their own in house insurance plan which I love I end up getting one for my husband. I am so happy I found them and I highly recommend Medidental!

Review by Jessie J., 12/26/2019


This place is shady. Decided to try it out for a routine cleaning since it's closer than my regular dentist. They told me I needed 8 cavity fillings and a crown. This was a surprise to me, as I had been to my dentist 6 months prior with no issues. They then proceeded to tell me that even with my insurance (which is solid), this would cost me north of $2,000. Their in house financial consultant came in and went over this hefty estimate and my various options to pay it off, all of which I declined.

I then took my x-rays to my regular dentist who told me that I do not need any fillings and he'll see me again in six months.

Granted 1 star since they have massage chairs and Netflix though, that was a nice touch.

Review by One G., 12/12/2019


I visited Medidental for a dental implant. I google the business and booked an appointment on their website. Upon my arrival, I was greeted at the front desk by Danny. The faculty looks state of the art and all the equipment looks super cool. Dr. Joey was very patient and took very good care of me, and was able to get started on my implant the same day. Amazing experience got a call the very next day for a follow up very professional and caring office. will definitely be referring all my friends and family.

Review by Mark R., 11/06/2019


Today I had an appointment with this Dental Office. When I walk in, a patient was complaining to the dr about how he was over charged and the Dentist trying to explain himself and why the patient was charged as much as he did.

So I wait for my turn to speak, because they were at the front desk having this discussion. The receptionist comes from the back, and I tell her I have an appointment. While I'm entering my information electronically on the patient iPad, I hear them speaking. He states I have a high deductible, 225. Which is totally incorrect. My individual deductible is 175, and I have already paid 133, which the remaining balance is 42.

So I asked are you guys in Network... he says in and out . They are lying to people. You are either in or out. Ripping off patients. I don't like that. I have always felt doctors are full of it and think they are better than others. But they aren't. Don't not go to this place without doing research. Do not be fooled, call your insurance first and find out if they are in network. Do homework on your deductible and maximums.

Review by Madeline S., 09/09/2019


I've always dreaded going to the dentist, especially since living in NYC because dentists are often quite shady. I passed by MediDental and decided to give them a try. They're honestly some of the nicest people I've met in a dentist's office, from the receptionists to the dentist himself. Dr. Moshman is very skilled, nice, and funny. He always makes sure to explain the steps he takes for my procedures and takes time to answer questions I might have. No one will make the patients feel uncomfortable or rushed.

All the patient rooms have Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime video on the TV screens, and they ask what we'd like to watch -- which is awesome :-). The chairs are also massage chairs, so 10/10 best dental experience. In all seriousness, I wouldn't write this review if I didn't wholeheartedly trust them with my teeth.

Review by Kezia V., 06/17/2019


Everyone was very nice. Although I was seen over an hour later then my appointment, I was checked in on a few times by various staff while waiting in the room. The receptionist was very helpful dealing with the insurance company, and helped clear up a few of my questions. After my visit one of the staff followed up with a voicemail for me to call back if I had any additional questions. This place is a great option if you need to make an appointment for a quick biannual cleaning.

Review by Kellianne H., 05/06/2019


The cleaning was good, and exactly what I expected. That said, they seemed more concerned about selling me a dental plan than my needs as a patient.

Review by MICHAEL C., 10/23/0019


Had a good experience.

Review by ANATOINETTE D., 10/13/0019


Very Clean and very hospitable.

Review by ABDUL L., 09/09/0019


First time going. Everyone was nice and friendly. Everything was explained up front. And the facility is nice and super clean.

Review by KAROL L., 09/08/0019

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