Richard G Harwood, DDS

Richard G Harwood, DDS


37-08 31st Ave Astoria, NY 11103

(718) 721-2245


At AstoriaOMS, Dr Richard Harwood practices a full scope of oral and maxillofacial surgery. His expertise ranges from dental implants, bone grafts and the removal of impacted wisdom teeth to the treatment of dental infections and multiple or single tooth extractions. He also diagnoses and treats oral lesions, facial pain, traumatic facial injuries and TMJ disorders.

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Top-notch in every way: Dr. Harwood himself, his knowledgeable and caring staff, the fully explained procedure performed quickly and painlessly.

I was there for the extraction of a wisdom tooth that was causing pain: x-ray taken, infection explained to me, some Novocain, out goes the tooth, one stitch, and we're done.

You cannot help but be impressed by the ease and professionalism with which this office operates.

Review by Rich C., 01/14/2020


I'm in the process of getting a dental implant and Dr. Harwood has been amazing. He has years and years of experience and it certainly shows! He also has a top-notch bedside manner. He's very caring and was happy to explain the procedure with as much detail as I wanted as well as answer any of my questions without feeling put-upon. I highly recommend him.

Review by Robert R., 12/28/2019


I was referred by my dentist to go to Dr. Harwood because I had some major teeth issues and needed them extracted and then have implants put in.

I've been to this office at least 4 times now for various procedures and check ups. Each time the staff and Dr. Harwood were friendly and professional. The doctor has a very laid back and humorous demeanor and really puts you at ease even under stressful procedure situations. For example, during my extractions, he recommended me bringing in my phone to listen to music so I don't hear the noise of the dental tools. Little details like that really helps me as a patient who is already stressed out by the procedures.

Dr. Harwood also personally calls his patients on the night of the procedure to make sure you're doing OK. He is very patience and listens to your questions and concerns. Him and his staff always take time out to go over post procedure care with me.

Also, Dr. Harwood and his staff are not "money grabbers" trying to get you in to do as many procedures as possible. I need work done on both sides of my teeth, and Dr. Harwood told me that he will focus on one side first, finish everything up on one side, and then work on the other side-- so that I will always have enough teeth to chew. If this clinic is "money hungry", the doctor could've easily extracted my teeth on both sides and do work right away. Another example is that while he can easily told me I need to do more implants on one side, he only recommended doing one because that's all I need to chew properly. I never felt any pressure to do more work than needed, nor has he ever rushed me to get any procedures done.

The appointments are always on time-- they do not over book so just show up on time and usually you wait no more than 10-15 minutes, if at all. I highly recommend Dr. Harwood and his staff!

Review by Dave H., 08/28/2019


The doctor may be topnotch but I wasn't even able to meet the doctor - I had a horrible experience with the nurse/concierge when I tried to make appointment today and I couldn't even finish conversation.

First, it was very obvious to me that whoever picked up the phone was new to this role. I heard a woman giving instructions about what to do behind the scene. Secondly, I was asked to provide a referral form from my dentist "otherwise Dr. Richard will not see you" (this was quoted from her), and then the lady behind the scene added that I should either fax to them or bring it with me (then the person who picked up my phone repeated it again).

I said I'll contact my dentist for it so can I make appointment for the next available time/date. As she was taking down my basic info like names and all, she asked me for my dental ID number. I said I don't remember it on top of my head so I was fumbling through my purse to see if I can find that card somewhere, while trying to log into my insurance company's website to see if I can find the info electronically. She sounded impatient so asked me if I want to call back when I find it. I said okay I'll call back. But then immediately she asked in a VERY condescending way, "Don't you have dental card with you?" I said "NO I do not have it with me." As if that wasn't rude enough, she repeated in an even more snobbish way "You don't have your dental card with you?" I said "No I'll call you when I find it. But I have never had to provide that info before and I already told you my insurance company and plan so..." ---Before I could finish my sentence, she interrupted me and said coldly "We need your dental ID otherwise we can't make appointment for you." So I snapped the phone.

I feel discriminated for no reason even though I have never seen this woman face-to-face. I found this place via Yelp thinking that this seems to be the best place to go in Astoria for oral surgeon, but I was very disappointed and insulted.

Review by Ginger K., 08/23/2019


I was recommended by my Dentist and made several visits for jawbone grafts and molar implants due to my advanced periodontitis.  The procedures are complex but Dr. Harwood handled them with ease and always felt I was in good hands with him and the staff.  I experienced minor pain/discomfort (as expected) and was provided with care instructions and proper prescription drugs to ease pain and antibiotics.  He even followed up with a phone call later in the day/next day to see how I was doing.

The community is lucky to have such an experienced, professional and pleasant dental surgeon.  They are rare.

Thank you and see you in the Fall for my last two chompers!

Review by James M., 07/17/2019


What Doctor do you know that PERSONALLY calls you in the evening after your surgery at home to see how you are doing???????
NONE.  Dr. Harwood did and not his secretary or assistant.
Dr. Harwood is AMAZING.   He pulled my tooth out and I felt nothing.  He tells you want he is doing and his staff is extremely nice and they make sure that you are good to go home.   I would highly recommend him to everyone.  There is a reason he has great reviews on yelp because he is simply the best there is.

Review by Ari S., 06/13/2018


It may seem surprising to see a 1 * review among so many excellent reviews here, but let me say that from my point of view, it is deserved.

First the good things. I am sure all the things people have to say here in reviews are true. Dr Harwood was excellent with the procedures and his bed side manner is warm. Very friendly. I would say the same for his nurses and the assistants. I had couple of procedures done there and i have no complaints with the results. That is why it is really disappointing to have to write a negative review.

Couple of months ago, I had to get my lower back tooth removed for which I went to Dr Harwood. I reached my insurance's annual limit as a result of that extraction. The next step was to have a metal post put in once the gums healed and the bone grew strong. I wanted to delay the next step until next year so that I could use my dental insurance to pay for the second step rather than pay out of pocket.

When I asked Dr Harwood if I could wait for 4 more months to have the next procedure in 2018, he strongly recommended that I not wait because according to him the upper molar can start growing and hit against the gums which would cause major complications. He made it sound like an urgent issue and it would be a bad idea to wait to do the next procedure in 2018. Also, he said once the implant is in (as part of the next procedure), I wouldn't have to worry about the upper tooth growth problem.    

As a result, I ended up PAYING $1875 for the dental post OUT OF POCKET rather than wait because I trusted him.

After the procedure was completed, I came home and realized that the implant was too short to block the upper molar from growing. When i went to see Dr Harwood after a week to get the stitches removed I asked him about the implant not preventing the upper tooth from growing.

To my astonishment, he replied that I needn't worry - the upper tooth doesn't grow so fast!! 4-6 months is too small a time-frame. And that teeth grow slowly over a much longer period!

So now I am upset and left wondering - why did he recommend I get the procedure done in a hurry this year?? I feel thoroughly misled and played for a fool. Dr Harwood told me the procedure was urgent and made it appear that it would prevent the upper tooth from growing BEFORE I had the procedure done and this was just NOT TRUE. I wouldn't have spent close to $2000 for this procedure that could have easily waited until the next year's insurance money was available in a few months!!

In fact, now that I think about it I had first asked one of the ladies (who sits in front & is very nice) about delaying the procedure until next year and she had said it would be fine to wait. But after our initial conversation, she called me back urgently to say that I should come in and ask the doctor myself. I wonder whether she "accidentally" gave me the right advice & then realized that she wasn't supposed to do that. It all feels shady.

I am so disappointed. I had liked the establishment, the staff and the doctor. Now I am needlessly poorer and forced to find another dentist who can do the remaining procedures.

Review by Augustyo N., 08/26/2017

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