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All Smiles

All Smiles


193-16 Northern Blvd Ste D Flushing, NY 11358

(347) 438-1000

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Cosmetic Dentists, General Dentistry


Cosmetic, Teeth Whitening, Family Dentistry, Painless treatment, Thorough treatment planning and discussion of options. Clean, sanitary, and modern office condition

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Tuesday 09:30 19:00
Wednesday 09:30 19:00
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Dr. John Lee is amazing. He's very thorough but gentle. I had a horrible cavity on the brink of needing a root canal but he was able to fix it with a filling. He explained things very clearly. Overall it was quick and painless. The office is very clean and the staff are always friendly. The office hours are great because they're open until 7pm so I can swing by after work. And there's parking!! So thankful to finally have found a great dentist!

Review by Priscilla K., 01/22/2020


LOVE Dr. Lee and his staff!! I'd been shopping around for a competent and HONEST dentist, and I finally found one in Dr. Lee. I can't count how many dentists I went to in Manhattan and Queens--and they were either nice but incompetent, or competent but greedy. One of the dishonest dentists even told me I needed a deep cleaning or possibly gum surgery because I was in serious danger of developing periodontitis. I was suspicious of his intentions though, so I decided to get a second opinion from Dr. Lee.

When Dr. Lee examined my teeth and gums, he said they were fine and was shocked that a dentist would tell me that I needed a deep cleaning. To reassure me even further, he referred me to a reputable periodontist in Manhattan, who confirmed that I wasn't in danger of developing periodontitis.

Dr. Lee is my regular dentist now because I trust his judgment and have found him to be a highly skilled dentist. He filled one of my cavities without giving me any local anesthetic (which was a first!) but it didn't hurt at all! He never tries to sell me anything and always answers any questions I have with clear, detailed explanations. And if he doesn't feel perfectly comfortable performing a procedure, he refers me to a highly skilled specialist.

Highly recommend Dr. Lee! And I've found his staff to be very nice and highly competent (they speak both English and Korean too).

Review by Regina K., 09/24/2019


Dr. Lee:
Very soft-spoken and friendly person. Always greets you with a smile. Thoughtful of patients when performing procedures. Always asks the patient if it hurts. Mindful of the patient's experience. Gives you honest opinion without pushing monetary-driven recommendations.

Front desk and dental assistants are very friendly and courteous. Dr. Lee and his team work very well together.

Dr. Lee and his staff are mindful of patient experience in that they stagger their patients well. Unlike other dental offices, they don't book multiple patients and make their patients wait. It's a simple: get to your appointment on time, wait 5-10 minutes on average, get called in, get seen 10-15 minutes (for annual check up appts) and walk out.

It's a relatively new practice but I love their service and staff. They are mindful of the patient experience. Hope you guys stay this great! Keep up the great work!

Review by Patricia I., 07/28/2019


Super friendly staff
I recently have my cleaning done and I'm very satisfied.
If you dont have dental insurance they do have a pretty good deal.
You must call in advance, they are usually pretty busy, but if you left a message they will call you back.
They also have a lot of good tips for insurance related perks.
Is my new to go to dental care.

Review by Johana G., 07/15/2019


It is never an easy thing to find a new dentist especially when I felt my former dentist was spectacular, but time has passed since I first went to him and it was just a matter of time until his imminent retirement. So I set about my research into a new practice which lead me to All Smiles.

I am fortunate to be covered by two dental insurance plans, my own and my wife's which are both "fee for service" plans which means they follow a fee schedule and every procedure is assigned a 5 digit code that seems to be universal for billing purposes. Each of my plans gives a maximum payout schedule for each procedure, by code, but in my searching I could never find ANY dentist that would give me a "price list" of what that charge for each procedure. All Smiles didn't either, but they did give me the amount they would bill for a specific procedure and I found my two plans would cover the amount. It made me feel comfortable to make an appointment, but I still believe ALL Dentists and Medical practices should have the fees they charge clearly stated and available to anyone that asks.

I found everyone to be friendly and efficient at All Smiles. I got there a bit early for my appointment to fill out the initial paperwork, and I laughed to myself when they asked me to sign a missed appointment / late policy understanding form where patients are charged a fee for failing to cancel more than 24 hours in advance, or if you arrive 15 minutes or more late to an appointment. I get it, it throws off their schedule and their time is valuable, so is mine, I wonder if they will pay me the same consideration for a last min cancellation or waiting too long? HAHA somehow I doubt it!

As soon as I completed the paperwork an assistant brought me in, made me comfortable (I get irrational "white coat syndrome" so as comfortable as I can be) and proceeded to take x-rays with great care. Once finished, Dr. Lee came in and got down to business doing the cleaning himself. He was very informative and straight forward, which I truly appreciated. He noted my lack of calculus (tartar) and asked if I flossed daily, which I do. I smiled because my efforts were paying off. With no issues to report, he told me he will see me in six months for my next cleaning, which I look forward to because I realized my search for a new dentist is over! All Smiles and Dr. Lee made an awesome first impression!

Review by Mike S., 06/19/2018

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