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We offer a wide range of services and welcome new potentials Our intimate, personal dental practice caters to patients of ALL ages. All treatment plans are customized based on our patients needs.

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I am very happy with this practice. First, they don't push to do unnecessary work (like it was the case with my previous dentist). They are very patient with difficult anxious persons like me. They take their time explaining the work to be done. When the root canal is delicate they will send you to a specialist instead of doing it themself to assure perfect work. The work is not rushed and there is no mass production there. The secretary is very helpful.

Review by haplosciences h., 12/02/2019


Dr. Wasserman is a great dentist. It’s taken me years to find a good, smart guy and am glad I found the Wassermans. Really attentive to my needs, and open and honest with what work is needed / should be done. Whole office is really nice, clean, and friendly. Definitely recommended. Thanks!

Review by MATT S., 07/19/2019


I currently go to Dr Lee Wasserman and I must say, every time I go it is just a very relaxing experience. I always feel welcome and taken good care of. Dr Wasserman gives thorough exams and cleanings too.  It's nice to go to a doctors office where the doctor actually spends time with the patients! Highly recommend.

Review by Lindsay Z., 06/28/2019


Just got a cleaning and exam from Dr Lee Wasserman. Easily the best experience I've had with a dentist. Dr Wass actually cares and did an extremely thorough cleaning as well as a proper evaluation. Amazing! Go see him!!

Review by Matt S., 06/21/2019


I received personalized treatment by Dr. Lee Wasserman who put me at ease and explained everything in advance. He is thorough in his work and very knowledgeable. All work was done by the Doctor in a very calm and clean environment. I am happy to have finally found a dentist who cares about his patients and is not looking to do unnecessary treatments.

Review by MELODY H., 06/09/2019


Dr Wasserman is a great dentist and does a very thorough job. He made me feel very comfortable in the chair and I would definitely recommend.

Review by JORDANA S., 03/06/2019


I felt I needed to get on here and write a review on this amazing place. For those of you looking for someone to do braces for your children or yourselves, this is the right place. We are on our 6th set of braces and everyone's teeth look amazing. Dr wasserman has done 5 of my 7 children (1born with a cleft plate) and also myself. I had braces as a young girl and was never told to wear my retainer for the rest o my life. As an adult they shifted and I became very self conscious of my smile and decided to have them redone. I am so happy I did! He did great work:)  Each one of us have a permanent retainer on our bottom teeth so we do not have to worry about them shifting!I recommend them all the time. Once we started started coming here for ortho in 2014,  we decided to change to their dental also. We love both Mr. Dr. Wasserman and all the staff! Thank you for taking such good care of my family through the years!

Review by Greg F., 02/07/2019


"I will start off by saying I HATE GOING TO THE DENTIST. My dentist that I've been going to for a long time retired and I have had trouble finding someone I like and can sit in the chair without freaking out. Well, I found them! Wasserman Family Dentistry and their staffs are awesome! I've had my teeth cleaned a couple of times now and it was SO easy and just had some work done on my teeth and they look and feel great! Thanks to all at Wasserman Family Dentistry for taking good care of me!"

Review by Lindy C., 08/19/2018

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