The One And Only Dental Care

The One And Only Dental Care

Bath Beach

2250 86th St Ste 2 Brooklyn, NY 11214 b/t Bay 31st St & Bay 32nd St

(718) 372-2800

Provided services

Periodontists, Cosmetic Dentists, General Dentistry


Established in 2009.

We are a multi-specialty practice that has four doctors on staff: General Dentist, Endodontist (root-canal specialist), Periodontist (advanced treatment of gum disease), and Prosthodontist (implant, dentures, and bridge specialist). Here is what we offer you: - Advanced dental care - State of the art facility - Brand new equipment - Relaxed atmosphere - Comfortable accommodations - Friendly staff - Superb service You have never seen a dental office like this. Feel free to stop by for a tour.

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Monday 10:30 19:00
Tuesday 10:30 19:00
Wednesday 10:30 19:00
Thursday 10:30 19:00
Friday 10:30 19:00
Saturday 09:00 15:00
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I've been coming here for years and have not had a bad experience. The ladies at the front desk are always welcoming. Dr. Mariya is great at what she does and always makes you feel very comfortable as do the rest of the doctors there. I recently moved to Astoria and will continues to make the trip over here due to their great service.

Review by Trisha C., 12/30/2019


This clinic is always neat and organized. No long waiting. They will call you as soon as you signed. Peter is a good hygienist, he will clean Your teeth properly, Dr. Vlad is great too, he is a great adviser, will give You a good advice to maintain the beauty of your teeth,. Dr. Boris is professional, he knows if need to put a filling or not.
The front desk clerks are friendly, they will make You feel comfortable in their office.

Overall, the best clinic in Brooklyn so far.

Review by Mich Q., 12/13/2019


The best dental clinic here in Brooklyn, The clerks here are friendly. And Peter is a great hygienist. He is really dedicated to his profession. His hands are light, you won't feel any pain . Wherever clinic you work Peter, I'll look for you. I love the way You clean my teeth

Review by Michelle V., 10/19/2019


This was my first visit with Mr. Mariya. She was warm + caring her staff was friendly + polite it was a great experience.

Review by Jason T., 07/27/2019


Ive been coming here for years and thats an attestation to the great service my husband and I receive.  The reception team has always been friendly and dont mind having kids in the waiting area.  
They use state of the art modern technology for xrays and viewing/showing your teeth to you!  My cleaning experience has always been great and painless.  I even convinced my husband to start coming here a couple years ago.  We've moved 90 minutes away but continue to return because we are happy with their dental services.

BTW the staff has changed in the last 18-24 months for an even better experience!  Any of the older reviews may be for former staff.

Review by Macy T., 07/20/2019


I was referred to one and only dental by social media group and I'm so happy with my results! I went for teeth bleaching and it was nothing like my previous experiences and other offices. Dr.Vlad was phenomenal, explained all dental myths, and 45 min later I got such teeth that people asked me if I got veneers. Highly recommended!

Review by Talla R., 07/17/2019


Dr. Braylovskaya did a very professional job extracting the teeth. The staff members are very pleasant and helpful, and very prompt at responding to emails. I am very pleased with this office and having my family to schedule their appointments as well.

Review by Zhupar U., 06/12/2019



Went to look for a dentist in Brooklyn after moving here from upstate. STAY AWAY. These ladies are shiesters.

At my first visit the technician took all of about 7 minutes to perform a "teeth cleaning". After they took my xrays the dentist came in and told me I had 7 cavities. This was a huge shock to me as I take particularly good care of my teeth, floss and brush twice daily. I had not been diagnosed with a cavity since I was five.

Instead of letting them go to town on my mouth and insurance I told them I wanted to get a second opinion first. Went to a reputable dentist i had seen all my life upstate who told me its good thing I sought a second opinion as I had no cavities and my mouth and I appeared to have great dental hygiene.

These people are supposed to take an oath.. instead they operate like with 0 integrity billing vulnerable customers up the yin yang for procedures they dont even need.

Review by Sam T., 04/12/2019


I had a great experience on my first visit, the dentist and staff are very friendly and courteous...will be visiting soon for dental procedures..will definitely keep you posted.

Review by Carmen R., 03/14/2019


I have been visiting this office since I moved to Brooklyn. This is a great place. The stuff are very diverse and friendly, the office is very clean . Vlad would give you the best advice to make sure that your teeth are healthy. Doctor Irej is an expert in filling teeth. She is very considerate, especially when stuff are in your teeth and you can't talk. She takes care of everything and makes you feel as comfortable as possible. Do not hesitate to come to visit this place, you'll never regret!

Review by Shuo W., 02/19/2019


Been to this office 6 years and would recommend this place. Every time I come here to do my cleaning the hygienist tries to be as gentle as possible because I have a few sensitive teeth. The doctors genuinely care about the patients and are professional as always. The place is clean and well organized.

My sister also goes to this location for the past few years. She tells me about how everyone is good at their job because everytime she comes in ,there is little to no wait time.  

In the matter of fact, I went to visit the dentist today to ask them a question. Once I entered the office, I was immediately greeted and called in by the doctor. There was zero wait time.

Review by Asmr N., 02/07/2019


I’ve been going to Dr Braylovskaya office for more than 5 years. She is a great and professional doctor and I am glad to be her patient. My last visit was an emergency one as I came with the killer tooth ache. When an x-ray was done, Dr. B took enough time to explain to me what exactly was wrong and what procedures are necessary, she did not rush me, made sure that all the questions are answered and followed up the next day to make sure I am feeling better. Thank you Dr. B!

Review by Theo M., 02/06/2019


I've been coming to One and Only Dental for about three years for check-ups and I've never had a bad experience. The office is very clean and everyone is super nice. I never had to wait for more than 5 minutes, which is unusual for a dental office. Dr. Braylovskaya is very knowledgeable and professional. She is delicate and thorough in terms of checking for cavities and teeth cleaning. She also fitted me for a mouth guard and did a great job ensuring a comfortable fit.

Dr. Braylovskaya has been very accommodating in terms of last minute appointments for emergencies. Unfortunately, I had an unexpected piece of shell(?) in my food, which cut into my palette. I called shortly before closing and they told me to come in right away. Dr. Braylovskaya did an X-Ray and gently removed every piece of shell. Even though they were closing, she did not rush. I'm extremely grateful for such wonderful care.

Recently, I came in for a braces/Invisalign consultation. Dr. Braylovskaya walked me through the different procedures and recommended the best option for me. I never felt like she tried to push any specific treatment and I genuinely felt like her recommendation took my needs into consideration, including time and money. During the X-Ray for the Fast Braces, Dr. Braylovskaya noticed that my wisdom teeth needed to be removed. She was able to quickly schedule the surgery and received approval from my insurance company.

Dr. Shnayder performed the surgery without general anesthesia. The surgery was somewhat risky, but Dr. Shnayder made me feel comfortable and confident in his skills. He told me exactly what I would experience and walked me through the entire procedure. Once he was certain that I was 100% numb, he started the surgery and let me know when I would experience some tension. The entire procedure was done in 10 minutes and I was given an ice pack to reduce swelling. After the procedure was done, Dr. Braylovskaya came by to check on me. Overall, my swelling was minimal and I had no complications. I'm glad that I went with One and Only Dental. Now that the surgery is done, I will finally get braces.

I've been disappointed by so many dentists in the past, I'm glad that I finally found this place. I've referred several friends and family members for a variety of treatments. No one has been disappointed.

Review by Ilona K., 10/15/2015

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