Nai Yan Lam, DDS

Nai Yan Lam, DDS


198 Canal St New York, NY 10013 b/t Walker St & Mulberry St

(212) 766-2128


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Excellent dentist and fair prices.  Only wish he would do a deeper cleaning on teeth i.e scaling instead of rushing through in a few minutes.  This is my only issue, otherwise, he's a perfect score dentist.

Review by Wyatt Earp, 06/21/2021 08:04:51 am


I went to Nai Yan Lam for a root canal on a VERY sensitive/painful tooth. He was amazing. So patient, did not rush with anything, made sure I was comfortable and happy the entire time. He is the best dentist I've ever been to. Not only that, his prices were the best in town (no insurance). Highly recommended, if there were 10 stars he'd get them. Thank you!

Review by Jonathan R., 01/13/2020


I had lost all hope to get a good root canal without insurance and dr lam was amazing
Not only did the root canal went well
My jaw started healing in 2 days and now it's perfect
Totally recommend!!!!!

Review by Wahab A., 08/19/2019


Barebones this place is, but wow is it efficient.

What I'm extremely pleased about is that this is the only place I've found that will take walk-ins. AND is cheap.

I arrived at 11:50 am and was told that obviously, appointments go first. I got lunch, came back, and at 12:45 pm, was called in.

The doctor didn't do a detailed check, but I know my teeth are fine and I was in a rush. He quickly did scaling then brushing with those special pastes. Something unique happened after. To make my teeth whiter, he sprayed baking soda--a lot of it--on the inside and outside of my teeth. I appreciated this, but I wasn't given goggles or anything, so it got all over my face. Some water got on my face too at times, and was just left there. Also, the machine left in the mouth to suck moisture felt a bit uncomfortable, as if worn.

Still, my high rating is due to the fast, thorough, available, and cheap ($40! (other places I've called charge $70-$80 without insurance)) cleaning. Very hard to find!

Review by Jenny J., 12/11/2018


This review is not related to their service, it is related to their business operations practices.  For years my email address has been mixed up with their dental business.  Marketing websites and dentist networks had been flooding me with so much dental spam.  I dont know if they accidentally used my email address nor do i know how this happened.

Today I contacted Nai Yan's office and informed them about the issue. I told them that I have even been receiving their patients dental correspondances as well as their patients dental records!.  At this point the receptionist hangs up and subsequent calls go to voicemail.  Yes! there was no "omg let me put you through to my manager or lets take care of this" It was more like I dont want to deal with this.   If your the owner of this business I urge you to contact me so that this is straighten out.

Review by Nghi L., 07/05/2018


The best dentist in NY. I had two canal treatment with great price. He understands your needs and does his job very professionally. The price is unbeatable even if you have dental insurance. The staff is also very lovely.

Review by Mutlu Ü., 12/31/2017


Dr. Lam has been my family dentist for about 20 years now (I remember playing Super Nintendo with his kids in the waiting room of his old office in the 90s).

Thankfully, I've only ever needed cleaning and X-rays, so I can't speak to the more complicated procedures since I'm the (rinsing and) spitting image of health.

Anyway, Dr. Lam is very friendly and always asks how my life is. He also speaks English very well, so don't let fear of a language barrier deter you!

I can't tell if he's not taking as long on each patient or if he's just gotten more efficient, but teeth cleaning is as easy as can be. But like the other review mentioned, it ain't neat. The wet naps get good mileage!

Review by Kenny C., 12/03/2011

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