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At Leaf Dental, our mission is to provide the highest standard of comprehensive dental care while making our patients feel comfortable and at ease. Our vision is to create an environment where children, adolescents and adults can feel relaxed as they discuss their questions and concerns. With open lines of communication, Leaf Dental will efficiently provide all patients with quality dental care in a caring and tranquil environment.

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This is a little late, but I figured I would wait until I was finished with all my necessary treatments before writing this, although I was very pleased after my first visit.

I initially went to Leaf Dental just for a cleaning, since it had been years since I had done so. I used to go to a local community dentist office and comparing the two is almost like comparing apples to oranges. From the friendliness of the front desk staff, to the skill of the dental hygienist Amy, and to the knowledge and bedside manner of Dr. Goldman, I was blown away by the entire patient experience, and that's a terrific quality to strive for in any aspect of healthcare.

Throughout the cleaning, Amy provided me with proper education on dental hygiene and maintenance through visual and hands-on examples and even explained to me the process of the cleaning as she was going through each part. I found it very helpful and important as it offers me, the patient, to feel more involved in my own care. When I met Dr. Goldman after the cleaning, I almost expected him, like dentists I've met in the past, to just greet me and leave, but he sat down, pulled up my X-rays, and meticulously discussed the current state of my teeth and explained to me a detailed plan going forward in future visits. After all that, I was given a goodie bag with handy travel-sized dental care items, such as toothpaste, floss, and mouthwash, to take with me - definitely a plus!

Making a follow-up appointment was also a breeze with Stephanie. If my memory served me right, I usually forgot or never made follow-up appointments in my past simply because cleanings were often so far apart or the schedule was entirely booked. However, at Leaf Dental, it was easy to do so, there was flexibility in scheduling, and most importantly, timely e-mail reminders regarding my next appointment.

After two more visits to get my cavities taken care of and a night guard made for me, I can say that the efficiency and service of the first visit was not an incident where all the stars simply aligned perfectly, rather, it is something that the office has perfected and continues to maintain. The comedic banter between Dr. Goldman and his assistant, Monika, is also a huge plus. Ultimately, I will be back in the future for sure.

Review by John L., 10/11/2019


Leaf Dental is an exceptional office.  Seriously - I really cannot say enough good things about the staff and experience. My last dental experience - at another office in BK - was horrible.  Leaf Dental is so far from - an easy breezy experience from beginning to end

Review by Alyssa P , 09/13/2019


Very professional and friendly. Have been to a couple dentists I didn't like, would recommend Dr. Goldman.

Review by Victoria S., 07/05/2019


I have not been to the dentist in FOREVER. After seeing what great results my boyfriend received from this facility, I decided to bite the bullet and make an appointment. The appointment process was really simple. They even went as far as to send emails and texts to my phone reminding me of my upcoming appointment.

Review by Kate D , 06/02/2019


Great office staff and great dentist. Very warm and friendly approach that put my nervous son at ease.

Review by Enzo E, 05/12/2019


Dr Goldman is kind and funny. He also gave me a great education about my teeth and took the time to answer all my questions.

Review by Angie S., 04/19/2019


I've never in my 45 years of life had my teeth cleaned without any pain until today. The dental hygienist did an amazing job! I'm a smoker and hadn't had my teeth cleaned in a few years however I felt no pain! In addition to that Dr. Goldman is the first dentist to fully explain to me everything that was wrong with my teeth. Most dentist just give you a treatment plan with no explanation. Not Dr. Goldman, he sat down with me teacher to student. I look forward to end of the year when all my serious dental work is completed and my mouth is beautiful again. Sooooooo Happy!

Review by Darlene C., 02/04/2019


Dr Kim is a total pro and the best dentist you could ask for. She details all of the steps and has top of the line equipment. I dislike dentist visits and she is changing my mind!!

Review by Amy P., 05/14/2018


Had a wonderful initial consultation and cleaning with Dr. Kim! Everyone was super friendly and really put me at ease with their great attitudes and professionalism.

The office and equipment is clean and modern - one thing that stood out for me was that they used an in-mouth camera hooked up to the big screen TV for pointing out details which I thought was was quite effective. There is definitely an emphasis on involving the patient in the process which I appreciated quite a lot.

Definitely looking forward to coming back to Leaf Dental in the future!

Review by Bart H., 02/02/2018


I stopped going to them after they told me I needed to get two fillings which came as a surprise to me after getting clean bills of health for the last several visits. The amount they charged for this was about 3x more than a filling a should have cost.

It all turned out okay for this reviewer, in the end, because I simply ignored it. Six months later, I went to another dentist and guess what? Either the cavities healed on their own, by some miracle or these dudes are straight up crooks.

My insurance dropped them (probably for their dodgy practices) anyway, and so should yours.

Review by Ryan F., 10/02/2017


So this review has been a whole year in the making.  and seeing how I've now been here for two 6-month visits I figure its time for a good ol' review...

Leaf Dental is an exceptional office.  Seriously - I really cannot say enough good things about the staff and experience. My last dental experience - at another office in BK - was horrible.  Leaf Dental is so far from - an easy breezy experience from beginning to end.  

Setting up an appointment is so easy - you can register right from their website and wait for a confirmation.  There were plenty of appointments open for Dr. Goldman and I was able to get in for a check-up within a couple weeks.

Comfort greets you as soon as you walk in the door at Leaf.  Warm interior with cushy over-sized chairs.  Behind the counter are the nicest staffers. The first time I walked six months ago they welcomed me by name.  Sure I might have been the only Alyssa coming in for a 4:30 appointment - but seeing as how it was my first ever visit - its still nice to be welcomed by name. I was given a mini bottle of water and told that the hygienist would be out soon to get me.  There are ipads available for use while you wait... although I don't think you'll be waiting long.  After checking in with reception, I had barely taken off my coat and my name was called.

The exam rooms are just as nice as the waiting area.  They're clean, cool and modernly designed with white walls and light wood tones.  There's also a TV in each exam room!  As soon as you get settled in the chair the hygienist passes a remote with listing.  Having something to watch while you're getting plaque scrapped off your teeth is a beautiful distraction.

After the cleaning by either Amy or Monica, Dr. Goldman takes a look, asks if you have any questions or concerns and you're done.  If you have to get xrays taken - the Doc will put them up on the tv screen and point out any trouble areas (if any).  It was actually pretty cool to see my pearly whites on the big screen. Both the Dr and hygienist do a great job at reminding you about flossing techniques and how long you should swish around mouthwash for without it sounding like a lecture and send you home w/ a goodie bag including a shiny new toothbrush, and travel size toothpaste, mouthwash and floss.

Back out front the staff gets you set up for an appointment in 6 months.  When I arrived for my most recent appointment I was pleasantly surprised to find that everything was just as lovely as the first visit to the office. Soooo glad I found this dental office.

Review by Alyssa R., 12/04/2016

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