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Madison Dental Art

Madison Dental Art

Forest Hills

112-03 Queens Blvd Ste 211 Forest Hills, NY 11375

(718) 268-8228

Provided services

Cosmetic Dentists, Endodontists, General Dentistry


Madison Dental Art opened in Queens, New York on September 4, 1994. It started as a family managed clinic with a team of one dentist, one dental assistant and one office manager. The owner and dentist, Dr. Alexander Chao, kept its doors open 24/7 for patients in the first 2 years. This was a great way for Dr. Chao to establish his practice and become well known throughout Queens and the neighboring boroughs. The tireless efforts of Dr. Chao, along with his family, brought Madison Dental Art to where it is now: Top Provider of Excellent Quality Dental Services for Patients in Queens and the rest of New York City.

Business hours

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Monday 09:00 18:00
Tuesday 09:00 18:00
Wednesday 09:00 18:00
Thursday 09:00 18:00
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Saturday 08:00 15:00
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I made an appointment in the morning and they had a spot for me at noon! Arrived and went into my appt 5 min after my actual appt time!  right on time! Dr Lee was so amazing and so was the dental assistant.  Quite possibly the best visit ever.  The overall experience here feels welcoming and not-that-scary.  Highly recommend.

Review by PeanutButter a., 08/20/2019


Highly satisfied. All staff members are knowledgable, helpful, and patient. I would recommend this dental office to all.

Review by BP, 08/12/2019


My visit today was excellent. Dr. Chao is always aware of how comfortable I feel during any procedure. He is wonderful.

Review by SA, 08/02/2019


Let's be real, a majority of us do not like going to the dentist. Then we found Madison Dental and they have completely changed my outlook on dentistry.

The office is always pristine and shiny. We rarely have to wait and the receptionist is extremely sweet and diligent.

As for Dr. Alexander he is by far the best professional, including medical doctors and dermatologists that I have ever had the pleasure in dealing with. He is extremely pleasant, patient and you can really feel how much he cares for his patients. He makes an uncomfortable experience into a somewhat pleasant one... and that is saying a lot my friends. I also have to commend the support staff, they are all very friendly and gentle.

I can't recommend this place enough and this place deserves all the praise. Thank you Madison Dental for being a fantastic dental practice with such wonderful people.

Review by Julio R., 07/20/2019


The dentist, and the dental hygienist we're both excellent. I'd recommend this place to anyone, and everyone. I was so happy with their service, and the way they treated me. I'm definitely going back, it was excellent

Review by Charles W., 12/06/2018


3 years later & the team there were minimally destructive about a cracked molar.
It first looked like PULL THE TOOTH !! He sent me home with Motrin & Antibiotika
First appointment of the next morning- a second opinion, more X-rays - a third opinion....
Then the decision to open up and look... more X-ray
Bottom line-
Root Canal is most likely in my future- but the comfort & care has taken me out of pain & I'm planning on traveling & working this holiday season.
Thank You Dr Chao, Dr Young, Dr D & your awesome assistants.
Thank you front office ladies for answering phones & paying attention to my calls & questions.

Review by Mariska D., 11/21/2018


I had to have a lot of work done, since I'd developed gum disease without knowing it, during a period of hardship that prevented me from getting my usual checkups.  Since I didn't feel any pain while this was happening, I had no idea, especially as I'd never had problems with my teeth.

After having a very bad experience in another office, I did quite a lot of research, before choosing Dr. Chao's office. Unlike the prior office I'd visited, Dr. Chao never made me feel that I had been negligent, or should be scolded like a child.  Instead, he assured me that we all sometimes go through a bad patch at one time or another.  He treated me with respect, as an adult, which I very much appreciated at that point in time.

As the work commenced, I quickly saw that Dr. Chao had an expertise well above the norm. He later told me that he chose his periodontist from among twenty applicants he interviewed, if I understood him correctly.  

It also became clear that he has held the same standards for the rest of his staff as well, and I do mean all of them. The entire staff knows what they're doing, they were all very warm and supportive, and they all understood the meaning of customer service, which I find to be in short supply in this day and age.  

The physical office itself is clean, modern, and state of the art in every aspect.  Much care has gone into this entire dental practice, well above average.

The receipts I was given displayed meticulous and clear information at each step of the process.  Dr. Chao was keenly aware of what every member of his staff was doing, and ensured that the work was coordinated.  He had the final say, which also assured me throughout.

Just imagine what it's like to actually look forward to seeing a dentist. I have never been so satisfied with virtually every aspect of any office as I have been here.

Review by Charles A., 09/19/2018


I like the new office. The girls in the front greet you and are very nice. Especially Maria. Also I really liked the new young hygienist Patricia. She is very thorough and gives detailed explanations as she cleans and at the end. She flosses my teeth also. She used a tooth model and toothbrush to show me why I have sensitivity because of my gum recession, and showed me a different method. She also showed me on the tv the white pieces of tartar. She gave me a goodie bag with things I need. She included this bristle and said i should use it since i have less gums. Then she called another young dentist. Her name was Dr. Chao also. She was new also and the young dentist was thorough too. She went through each tooth to check for cavities i think… She explained what she can do to patch up the sensitivity. She looked at my xrays and talked to me about different options also. Great new staff and great changes! I will definitely recommend this place.

Review by S O. , Fresh Meadows, NY, 12/31/2014


Started coming here a few years ago and saw Dr. Lin. He was friendly, gentle and thorough. Afterwards, i got switched to another dentist. Her name is Dr. Wong, and i’ve been seeing her for the past couple of years. She’s also very friendly and thorough. I’ve never really had a problem with my teeth (i.e. cavities, root canals, etc.) so i just go for cleanings and always leave feeling fresh to death!  The staff (receptionists and dental assistants) are all pleasant and wonderful too!

Review by Serena L., Forest Hills, NY, 11/11/2013


I’ve been seeing Dr. Chao since my first tooth fell out and his practice has just gotten bigger and better, while still retaining all of the personal touches. The receptionists and everyone supporting the dentists are VERY friendly, professional and super competent. You get reminder calls about your appointment the next day and when you go in, all the dentists I’ve ever seen at Dr. Chao’s practice have been very good. Dr. Chao explains everything he does, reassures you when he’s in the middle of something that everything is going fine, and he FIXES problems. Perfect dental practice. I hope I never move too far from this dental practice that I have to see someone else.

Review by Linda Z., Forest Hills, NY, 03/03/2012

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