Kate Brayman, DDS

Kate Brayman, DDS

Greenwich Village

20 5th Ave Ste 1C New York, NY 10011 b/t 9th St & 8th St

(212) 505-0295

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Periodontists, Cosmetic Dentists, General Dentistry


Kate Brayman DDS is your trusted general, restorative and cosmetic dentist in New York City. For more than 15 years, she has cared for patients using a holistic approach, teaching them about the connection between dental and physical health, and promoting preventive dentistry. She's dedicated to creating a gentle dental experience while using the latest technology and taking the time to listen to every patient.

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The front office was not able to coordinate with my other medical providers. They ignored requests for records and didn't tell me they were ignoring them, believing them to be illegitimate. If I had not inquired on behalf of my doctor, they would have never received those records.

Months after I stopped seeing this dentist I received a notice for old services I had received, on an insurance plan that I no longer carry. Because the insurance plan was no longer active during the "new" dates my insurance was claiming I still owed thousands of dollars. The dates were for December for a visit made in April.  A note from the office would have been nice.

Review by Taylor G., 12/26/2019


I started going to Dr. Brayman several years ago, and I always feel confident that she uses the best practices and equipment in caring for my teeth.

Review by KATE G., 07/29/2019


Fantastic service in a gorgeous new office. Staff is so courteous and professional. They even helped calm down my baby as she got antsy at the end of my cleaning.

Review by LAURA O., 07/28/2019


Highly recommend! Dr. Kate is friendly and efficient. The staff is lovely and so is the office space.

Review by Gabrielle V., 07/19/2019


Walking into Dr. Brayman’s office feels like entering a calming medispa as opposed to a cold uninviting dentist’s office.

Review by KATHERINE M., 03/31/2019


I can't say enough about how amazing Dr. Brayman is. I literally have no fear of going to the dentist any more.  She's the most experienced dentist I've ever met. I won't let anyone but Dr. Brayman come near my teeth!

Review by Deidra B., 02/08/2019


Simply awesome. I've been a satisfied patient for years but most recently, even more so when I broke a back tooth requiring gum lengthening and a crown. Dr. Brayman is incredibly skilled but also kind, concerned and caring. The staff, especially Tanya, are amazing, professional and friendly. I recommend with total satisfaction and highest regard.

Review by Adam W., 01/29/2019


I can start with the positive. The office is beautiful and the staff is friendly. But in terms of the dental work I received, I was extremely disappointed. I've had a total of 3 crowns, 2 by an ortho and 1 by Dr. Brayman. The first two came in nearly perfectly fitted for my mouth. Hers came in significantly too large, so she spent a good 20 minutes grinding it down to fit my mouth. The result was a too-large, clunky crown that is unnaturally smooth. It is also about a millimeter (maybe more) off of my gum, which is likely to lead to future issues. I'd like to have it redone by another doctor as soon as possible, but dread the entire procedure. About daily, my tongue feels the too-smooth tooth, and reminds me just how much I do not recommend this dentist.

Review by Taylor B., 12/11/2018


Small but cozy office, friendly professionals who work in the interests of the patient. Enjoyed very much, would recommend.

Review by Esther B., 09/16/2018


I've gone to Kate about 4 or 5 times and recommended her to my coworker who had a great experiences. She's very efficient.

Review by Heather W., 09/06/2018


I was experiencing some pain in my gums and noticed that every time I brushed my teeth they would start bleeding so I did some research and found this dental office. The reviews looked great so I made an appt. Upon arrival at this beautiful,modern,cozy and super clean office I was greeted with a coffee and bottle of water. I absolutely loved how cozy and comfortable the staff made me feel. I filled out some paperwork, provided my Insurance info and within minutes was led to a room where I was speaking with the doctor and explaining my dilemma. The doctor examined my teeth, took X-rays and pictures and we spoke for a bit. The Dr. explained to me that my gums were inflated and have risen above the normal level. She asked me how often I floss and I said almost never so she then asked me to show her on a demo tooth model how I brush my teeth and handed me the toothbrush.This whole time (my whole life) I thought I was brushing my teeth the right way but it seems I have not. She showed me the right way to Brush my teeth and how important it was to stay close to the gums and move the brush in a circular motion and explained that unless this happens, the brushing of the teeth is pointless and doesn't actually get the dirt out or the food that is stuck there which then causes decay, hence causing my gums to hurt and rise too high. We talked about the importance of flossing and my overbite and how I would be a great candidate for Invisalign. I found the Dr. to be very thorough and helpful. The hygienist gave me a really good teeth cleaning and we ordered a night guard because apparently I grind my teeth too much and have taken almost all the enamel off my teeth. Yikes. my wedding is in 4 months so we came up with a plan on how to make my teeth look beautiful and lets not forget the best part, I left the office with a goodie bag full of sensodyne toothpaste and new toothbrushes. So yes I wanted to leave a review because my experience was indeed wonderful and I will def be coming back.

Review by Anichka Mal, 05/02/2018


So let me start by saying I was pretty dumb to avoid going to the dentist for a long time due to an infection that my ex fiance had.  My ex fiance ended up getting four teeth pulled and getting dentures.  For fear with that I avoided seeing a dentist.
Anyway due to avoiding and teeth situation getting worse  I worked up the nerve to make an appointment. Trust me when I say this, I suffer from anxiety and fear of pain and discomfort.  After reading the reviews on Yelp I choose to see Kate.
First off walking into the office was very intimate and small.  While waiting your offered bottled water,  you can make coffee with creamer and sugar provided and Hulu Plus TV. I didn't wait long and was taken in  right after submitting paperwork, for a discussion on history, x-rays and teeth cleaning. After discussion and x-rays were done I got some frightening news that made me cry and fill up with anxiety but I would rather  hear the truth then a lie.  I mustered up the courage to deal with what is to come.
Kate's employees are very nice,  welcoming and easy to talk to.  Kate herself wanted to make sure I didn't have to make so many appointments for the future visit to come so consolidating visits was offered.  She is honest and wanted to take one thing at a time before any future discussion on work being done.  Didn't want to overwhelm her with nervous questions because the focus right now was the two appointments that were to come.

I have to wait on insurance to got through before my second visit.  I did make it aware of the severe anxiety that I have upon visiting dentist and Kate was more then willing to help in that matter as well with options.
I'm hoping my next two visits go well and painless. Hope this was helpful.

Review by Shanese G., 09/23/2015

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