Roar Dental

Roar Dental

Jersey City

88 Morgan St Ste 2 Jersey City, NJ 07302

(201) 451-7627

Provided services

Periodontists, General Dentistry, Pediatric Dentists


All aspects of Dentistry. We have General dentists that take care of all exams, cleanings, fillings, crowns, etc that need to be completed. We have a Pediatric Dentist that sees children starting the age of 6 months onwards and takes care of all their dental needs. We also have and a Periodontist that performs all surgeries including extractions, implants, gingival grafts, etc.

Business hours

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Monday 09:00 17:00
Tuesday 12:00 20:00
Wednesday 09:00 17:00
Thursday 12:00 20:00
Friday 09:00 15:00
Saturday 09:00 15:00
Sunday - -


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