Better Living through Dentistry

Better Living through Dentistry

Kew Gardens

125-10 Queens Blvd Ste 219 Kew Gardens, NY 11415

(718) 263-5991

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Periodontists, Cosmetic Dentists, Orthodontists


From routine dental exams, x-rays, dental cleanings, fillings and crowns to more advances dental procedures such as dental implants, gum surgeries, bone grafts, veneers and other cosmetic restorative and surgical procedures.

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A few weeks ago my back tooth started hurting. Not really bad but the holidays were coming up so I figured it's probably a cavity so let me just go get it filled. Since my insurance at the time didn't cover oral care I just went to the closest dentist with good reviews.  Every single staff member was extremely nice friendly and welcoming. So when I get there they do some X-rays and unfortunately I needed a root canal. Dr Kwag  showed me the X-ray explaining every detail. I had a root canal several years ago so I knew it was going to be painful but I had no choice so I said let's do it. This experience was nothing like my previous root canal. Let's say the pain level of my last root canal was a 9 with 10 being the worst. This root canals pain level was a 4. I'm not kidding it really wasn't bad. Dr Kwag even called after the procedure to check on me. So after the root canal I had to get a post and crown. This is where I met Dr Kong also extremely friendly and down to earth also explained each step. I would highly recommend this office. I now have dental insurance but unfortunately they don't take my insurance if they did I would be a customer for life.

Review by patrick r., 01/06/2020


Dr Kong is simply outstanding. I have had plenty of dental work over the years, including several root canals, an implant, oral surgery etc. Dr. Kong is the only dentist that 1-said an additional procedure might be necessary but turned out NOT to be! (no additional payment for him) 2-in the space of a single 1 hour appointment he efficiently and effectively resolved 3 different issues - normally by an average dds would take and cost me to pay for at least 3 different appointments. I was really very impressed with his skill - never have seen a dentist work so fast without rushing and so competently. After all my experience with other dentists, I truly cannot recommend him enough and feel extremely lucky to have found him.

Review by Christina Shusterich , 10/25/2019


Dr Kong and staff are very professional and caring. No wait time and was in and out. Had two fillings and it was painless.

Review by Steven R, 10/15/2019 06:04:00 pm


Couldn’t be happier. Been seeing dr. Kong for almost 2 years now. Always quick and easy. He’s also very informative.

Review by John D, 08/18/2019


Dr. Kong will tell you his honest opinion, he is thorough and polite. I've seen him twice and there is minimal to no waiting.

Review by Meeka K., 08/18/2019


Dr Kong truly exceeds expectation than any other dentist I have ever visited. I had to do a dental implant restoration with little to no record of my implant because of the country It was completed in but given Dr Kong expertise in this department, he was able to accurately describe what kind of implant it was through an X-ray and was able to successfully restore it within 1 hour. He is no ordinary dentist, he’s clearly one of the best out there! Also 5 starts for Sue, his receptionist... she’s one of a kind!

Review by David Ryan, 08/16/2019


I had a dental cleaning and restoration on fillings done from Better living through Dentistry. My experience has been great and I would highly recommend it! Dr.Kong was very professional and with great bedside manner. He took time to answer my questions and concerns. Also Dr. Kwag is awesome too.

Review by Anna K., 08/14/2019


I went to Dr .Kong in need of some serious work done .I mean serious ,
his bedside manners are out of  this world after every surgery he calls to check in and see how you are doing .Lastly, he knows what he is doing . a lot of surgeons that practice dental will tell you what you want to hear and give you these ridiculous quotes .but not him I can not thank DR.Kong enough for his work .I am more confident than ever

Review by Le L., 09/11/2018

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