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CitiDentalGroup offers patients all aspects of high-quality dentistry, including prosthodontics, orthodontics, dental implants, and oral surgery, while also offering general, cosmetic, and walk-in emergency dental care. Dental365 CitiDentalGroup is also open early mornings and weekends so that visits to the dentist will easily fit into even the busiest Manhattan lifestyles. Patients are able to visit any other Dental365 locations throughout the New York metropolitan area seamlessly. Our practice philosophy is simple. We treat our patients like we, and our family members, would like to be treated when seeking care from a healthcare provider.

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Tuesday 07:30 18:00
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Scheduled my appointment the week of  11/15 with no issues. Got a text reminder 11/19 and a phone call on 11/22 with reminders of my appointment today 11/23 at 11:30am. Arrived at 11:25am (already filled out new patient paper work). Was greeted and asked for ID and insurance information. No issues there.

Here is where my issues begins. I was not taken to the back until about 11:56am. Answer a few questions on why I was there and if I had an xrays. I told them no to the xrays. About 10 minutes pass still no one has come in to see me. Another 5 minutes still nothing. It is now about 12:15pm Been here for 45-50 minutes give or take. Then I being told that the doctor needs another 10 minutes. At that point I was frustrated and I felt waiting any longer to spend MY MONEY was unacceptable. The doctor never even came to speak or say anything. Then she tells me on the way out they were just about to do xrays!?!? Excuse me? After I have been here for almost an hour you NOW want to do xrays? That could have been done during the time I had been waiting....

Listen I get that everyone runs late, that is life. But to NOT communicate that to a NEW patient?? Not sure what kind of business runs like that but everything should be based on providing excellent customer services. Maybe they didn't care about me or maybe my money isn't green enough. Nonetheless at this point we will never find out.

I ended up leaving after wasting an hour of my time out of my day (took vacation time for this appointment). Now I have to go back and find a new dentist. Really sucks that all they had to do was check in on me and say they were running late.

Excuse any typos (I did all this from my mobile on the train)

Rendell Gilbert

Review by Rendell Gilbert, 11/23/2021 09:12:52 pm


I called to schedule my first appointment here. Devina was rude and made it difficult to schedule an appointment for me and my daughter. Would not recommend

Review by Aarti Patel, 05/17/2021 05:48:34 am


Had an implant put in at the 14th Street location. Dentist was nice. Location smelled a little musty.

Fast forward, implant fell out. Was told I would not be charged and to come back to have it put back in.

Went to midtown east location to have it put back in. Other dentist began to attempt to screw it back in without numbing injection, i protested before he began. He insisted and said it shouldn't hurt but if it did he would then use it. He aggressively began to screw it back in and did not check in with me to see if it hurt. I screamed in pain and he then used the numbing injection. I believe he was trying to save costs on injection over caring about my experience. I will never go back. And I wish they would stop sending me promotional texts.

My rating is based solely on my second experience.

Dental Bar is my new dentist .

Review by Sally C., 11/29/2019


Since they changed / merged with 365 dental. My one complaint is gone. I love the front desk staff and scheduling, other items are so much better. Still love Dr. Miller, and since have done more work w/ her, and cleanings. Love the office.

Review by Lar P., 09/23/2019


Nancy, Bianca, Ayesha and Michel saved me. When I walked in delirious and in pain with no appointment,  they took me right away and made sure I was taken care of. They even give you pricing up front so there are no nasty surprises. The dentist there are so good and very kind. Special mention of Dr Loflin and Dr Ahmadi. I will never go anywhere else. Love this place.

Review by Petra L., 09/10/2019


If you want to be hustled for your money, come here!

If you DON'T have insurance this is how much they might charge you:

D7210 (Extraction/removal of bone or tooth: $541
D7240 (Remove impacted bone: $773
... that is per tooth!
Local anesthesia is free but deep sedation/general anesthesia is $800

And if you don't have the funds to afford the procedures you DON'T NEED they will ask you to sign up for a CARE CREDIT CARD... They don't care about you or your teeth. All they care about is $$$$$$$

Review by Ulep P., 05/21/2019


I have had mostly good experiences with this place until today. I had an appointment today for fillings but did not feel well and called to cancel my appointment.

The receptionist asked, "why are you canceling your appointment today because the doctor had an hr and 1/2 carved out for you and we don't know if we can fill the spot last minute."

I completely understand that the space could be filled for another patient and it is not my intention to cancel last minute but I also didn't expect to get sick last minute. I've had emergencies come up in the past before and had to cancel without anyone questioning me.

Way to make a patient feel great about your office.

Review by Lana N., 03/21/2019


Awesome first experience! Thank You 5 Stars! The Best!

Review by Craig Perman, 02/26/2019


First checkup in 15 years, and it was painless! Meghan and Caitlin was great and thoroughly explained any questions or concerns I had. The receptionist was also very helpful and friendly. Amazing facility and team! Definitely recommending Citidental Group to my friends.

Review by Donna Chin, 10/24/2018


I hadn't had a teeth cleaning in awhile, which I desperately needed. I looked around online for a decent practice, noticed the stellar reviews for this place, and they were in my dental insurance's network. Yay!

I had a great visit, my dentist was Dr. Miller. In general, going to the dentist sucks but she had a wonderful bedside manner. She has a quiet, calming voice and was very straightforward. I was able to see the X-rays of all my teeth on a large screen in front of me while I sitting in the treatment chair (pretty cool). She showed me the spots where I needed to floss better and where I needed to have a filling.

She did the teeth cleaning herself, took her time, and answered all my dumb questions.

I'd also like to note that the dental assistants I interacted with in the back were very polite and seemed happy. The front office really has it together as well.

If I could provide any feedback I would ask for kid-size / small-size X-ray mouth pieces and impression trays. I know this is not a pediatric practice, but one size does not fit all! I have a tiny mouth and both the X-ray holder and the impression trays were a little tough to wedge into my mouth comfortably.

Overall, I had a wonderful visit and will plan to return for my teeth cleanings.

Review by Jules C., 07/19/2018


Dr Clark is the best oral surgeon. Ive been going here since 2013. Took a hiatus as dental work can be quite taxing. My previous Dr was DDS Kang, she was awesome too. The staff here at CitiDental has always been very pleasant oh and, they have up-to-date and instruments and material as opposed to some of the primitive material and machines that you may see at some of these other doctors offices. I recently had a tooth extraction/bone graph on Friday March 23rd and Dr Clark took great care of me.
Thanks CitiDental 365 group, you guys are awesome���

Review by GiGi Marie, 03/27/2018

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