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Slim Dental

Slim Dental

Midtown West

1 Rockefeller Plz Ste 2203 New York, NY 10020 b/t 48th St & 49th St

(646) 727-4187

Provided services

Cosmetic Dentists, Endodontists, General Dentistry


We provide comprehensive dental care. General dentists and specialists work together to prevent and treat dental disorders. Hygienists help maintain oral health and counsel on home care. On our staff we have 3 general dentists, a board certified Periodontist, an Endodontist and 3 Hygienists. Our dentists have advanced training in various aspects of dentistry which includes: porcelain veneers, minimally invasive dentistry, Waterlase (laser) dentistry, TMJ appliances, dental implants, periodontal (gum) procedures and Endodontics (root canals). Patients are educated and encouraged to be involved in their own case planning. Patients are informed in knowing the options that are available to them when intervention is beneficial or necessary. We are successful at replacing and restoring existing dental work that may not be satisfactory. All the advances of modern technology are at the clinician's disposal for the optimal benefit of our patients.

Business hours

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Monday 08:00 17:00
Tuesday 09:00 18:00
Wednesday 09:00 18:00
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Friday 08:00 18:00
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I have been coming here since 2012 and the meticulousness and quality is just top notch. I've seen everyone here: Dr. Lim, Dr. Park, Dr. Eng, and Dr. Wu! I've had my Invisalign treatment done here with Dr. Wu, and bonding by Dr. Eng. Both are perfectionists and I've been so pleased with their work (they'll do it over and over again until you're happy). My teeth have never been healthier in my life! The service at the clinic is the best. Everyone at the front desk does a great job, and have been patient with me with all my insurance nitpicking over the years. They never miss a beat with scheduling and always remember specifics about my treatments.

Review by Michelle S., 11/15/2019


Me and my husband have been coming to doctor Park at this center for the last 10 years. She's well versed, kind and very gentle. I have never been in any discomfort with her. She's super understanding of your nerves!

This facility is very convenient if you work in midtown. There's minimal wait time and the staff is very considerate and patient. I don't think we'll ever change our dentist!

Review by Mahroo S., 10/21/2019


Dr. Lim recently extracted two of my wisdom teeth and did a fantastic job! I was very nervous and he helped calm me down and did everything quickly and professionally. I previously had a tooth extracted by a different dentist in Brooklyn and it wasn't done as carefully. I'm very happy I got my wisdom teeth done by him. I have also gotten a few cleanings at Dr. Lim's practice - all the hygienists I've seen are are thorough and great. I recommend Dr. Lim to all my friends. Clean, modern, respectful office.

Review by Yuliya M., 10/19/2019


The office is very nice very kid friendly. Dr. Yassmin made sure that my daughter was very comfortable. My daughter love it because she got to watch "My little Pony".

Review by ML , 10/10/2019


Dr. Eng was very knowledgeable and took the time to answer all of my questions and concerns. Highly recommended.

Review by Prudence C., 09/18/2019


Great clinic, very prompt and friendly service. Dr. Lim is a nice person and great specialist. I got my teeth cleaned by Yani and it was the best cleaning I’ve ever had. My husband had good experience there too, so it’s our new favorite dental clinic.

Review by Daria B., 09/10/2019


I have been coming to Slim Dental for a few years now and I can tell you they are a wonderful facility.  I recently had gum flap surgery with Dr. Wayne Kye and despite me being extremely nervous, the procedure went very, very well.  Dr. Kye was very patient with me and explained the whole procedure so I would know exactly what was going to happen.  He made me feel right at ease.  I have 3 more gum surgeries to do and now that I know the procedure, etc, I will be more at ease.

My regular Dentist is Dr. Emily Park and she too, is wonderful.  The whole staff, from the ladies at the front desk to the Hygienists to the Dentists themselves, are competent, friendly and very helpful.

Special thanks to Shenelys Bueno, who has been MORE than helpful;  helping me to get ready for my appointment (getting my scripts ready before my surgery) and helping me with my payment plan/options.  

I recommend Slim Dental very highly!!

Review by Monica A., 07/23/2019


Slim Dental's first treatment was x-ray analysis and scraping gums.  The next appointment was the hygienist's superb and subtle use of novacaine to deep-clean the right side - no discomfort or narcotic after-effect.  But, afterward, I was already able to use BOTH sides of my mouth for chewing after not previously able to bite down on the left side.  This demonstrates the benefits to the consumer of several free-market principles that sets the private sector apart from government:  

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Review by Andrew R., 03/24/2019

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