Toula Mylonakis, DMD  Claimed

Toula Mylonakis, DMD Claimed

Murray Hill

37 Park Ave Ste C New York, NY 10016 b/t 35th St & 36th St

(646) 752-2875

Provided services

Cosmetic Dentists, Endodontists, General Dentistry


Dr. Toula Mylnonakis received her Doctorate of Dental Medicine Degree from Tufts School of Dental Medicine. Dr. Mylonakis is a member of Tufts Alumni Association and Hellenic Dental Society. Dr. Mylonakis is fluent in English and Greek.

Business hours

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Monday 09:00 17:30
Tuesday 09:00 17:30
Wednesday 09:00 17:30
Thursday 09:00 17:30
Friday 08:30 14:00
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Dr. Toula has been my dentist for about 5 years! I moved to NYC from the Caribbean and had an urgent dental issue, and I found Dr. Toula and she attended to me immediately. Ever since then, she has been my dentist. I've recommended her to my family and friends. She is kind, comforting, explains exactly what she is doing and makes the visit so much easier. I even tell her I forget I'm at the dentist sometimes, because it's so comfortable. I really don't know what I would have done all this time,  if I hadn't found her! Thank you Dr. Toula! :)

Review by Veronica C., 09/13/2019


Coming here it looks nice but when I got in the back the lady who took my exrays was very very rough with me until my gums scraped. She took out the X-ray and put it back in with no warning. I had braces and so some tooth could be shown at the bottom without checking that first she shoved the X-ray into my mouth and I shrieked in pain, the whole process went by and I had tears in my eyes. When the assist noticed my tooth she said "ohyou have a bone here" no lady that's a tooth i don't know if you're familiar. How rough could you be With your guest? I'm kindhearted so I just said it's ok afterwards she was like very numb in her attitude when she said "you ok?" Like you don't care but yes I'm fine I'm not dead right? And when the dentist  came in she was nice BUT my cleaning was rushed and my gums were HURTING. i take pain well, wanna know I'm not exaggerating? I have pictures 3 days after my dentist appointment as proof. I couldn't wear my retainer at the top for 2 days and it hurts to eat. Idk what to do or how long this will take to heal. She literally stabbed me so hard and multiple times. So sorry to be that one bad comment I think but guys.. no one should go through this or risk this. I never make a review this long but when it comes between me and food ITS A PROBLEM.

Review by Locus F., 09/06/2019


I am always pleased with my experience at appointments with Dr. Mylonakis. She takes such pride in her practice to be thorough. She even follows up with me by phone when I have an issue with my teeth. I am totally satisfied with her service.

Review by Anonymous , 08/05/2019


Amazing as always! I love the doc, very nice, very professional, makes the routine very enjoyable :)

Review by Clark H, 05/31/2019


She is an excellent dentist.She was very pleasant and personable. I felt very comfortable and relaxed in the chair.

Review by phyllis B., 10/31/2018 10:27:00 am


Wow - I didn't realize there were so many 5 star reviews about my dentist when I decided to come on yelp to write a review.

She deserves every star she gets! Dr Mylonakis was charismatic, kind, knowledgable, and informative during my routine cleaning. We talked about my concerns and she addressed them in a matter-of-fact, no BS matter, while giving me a few options. She had a polite and funny demeanor that made me feel relaxed and refreshed. Her office was clean and quiet. Her assistant was also very sweet and kind. It's rare, and unfortunate, that you find such service these days. I left the office with clean sparkly teeth and she also put a pep in my step for the rest of the day.

I love going to the dentist in general - but this is a new level! I have another appointment in June. Apparently she's booked solid for the next 2 months, so if you're interested, you better get on that!

Review by Joanne A., 10/31/2018


I always go home from my dentist appointment with Dr Mylonakis telling my friends and family, "I went to the dentist today! I love going to the dentist!" I get funny looks in disbelief, but if they took my advice and saw Dr Mylonakis, they'd understand why! Please don't work too hard, and enjoy your time off! You deserve it.

Review by Joanne A, 10/14/2018


Great Work all the time! Nice pleasant and very clean facilities!

Review by Anonymous , 09/21/2018


Mr. Mylonakis was great. I am not good with dentist, but she has great bedside manner and made the visit very comfortable.

Review by Dariia D., 08/17/2018


Dr. Mylonakis is very friendly and took very good care of me. I'm happy to have finally found a dentist I want to go back to.

Review by Ian W., 08/07/2018 10:25:00 am


This is the second time I have been to Toula's and its been a great experience. I got two fillings done and it wasn't even painful!!
She has a good sense of humour, puts you at ease and knows what she's doing.

Kimberly - her dental assistant, is a breathe of fresh air. She is polite, articulate, friendly, extremely nice and easy to get along with.

I believe my search for a dentist is now over.

Review by Debra A., 03/27/2018

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