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Dental365 Park Slope

Dental365 Park Slope

Park Slope

422 5th Ave Brooklyn, NY 11215 b/t 7th Ave & 6th Ave

(929) 277-6881

Provided services

Oral Surgeons, Cosmetic Dentists, General Dentistry


Dental365 was founded on the concept of providing convenient and affordable dental care for the entire family. We offer modern, concierge dentistry services from board-certified specialists. Dental365 has several locations throughout New York, NY including Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Long Island. Whether you are seeking a cosmetic treatment such as porcelain veneers or a restorative procedure like a dental bridge, our caring doctors can help you achieve a beautiful, healthy smile. All of our offices are open seven days a week, with extended business hours on weekdays. We also offer after-hours emergency dentistry services for patients who are suffering from a tooth-ache. If you would like to learn more about our high-end dental care combined with the convenience of locations throughout New York, please contact one of our offices to make an appointment.

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Monday 09:00 20:00
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My experience at Dental365- Park Slope was great! From the moment I walked into schedule an appointment (Walk In) the staff exceeded my expectations. I was welcomed with warm smiles as well as having the appointment I wanted to schedule able to be finalized according to my availability. Crystal was great and kept me in the loop with billing and coordinating my follow up appointments accordingly. The dental assistant was professional and friendly, My dentist was very professional and gave me great advice on moving on with my dental planning. I also love the patient experience they provide with Smart Tv's in rooms for you to forget about wait times. Great experience!!!

Review by Nelson C, 08/08/2019


I read the 5 stars reviews of this establishment and was convinced that I should bring my husband in for an emergency wisdom tooth extraction. I regret my decision. The thing I didn't realize with 365 dentists was that different dentists rotate in and out. The 5 star reviews I read were most about one particular doctor, who was not the physician my husband saw. I do agree with the reviews that staff is "friendly" which is an important aspect of the patient experience, but what is even more important is accuracy and procession. The dentist that saw my husband ended up with took X-rays and determined that my husband had a very strong teeth and saw it would be difficult to extract. At this point I believe an accomplished physician would have recommended and insisted upon an oral surgeon. She did give us the option but it retro spect should have made it the first and only option for him. My husband sat in the dentist chair for over 3 excruciating hours. I have never heard of a wisdom tooth extraction taking so long. I was also very upset  with the fact that the doctor would abruptly walk away from my husband (4 or 5 times) during the procedure without communicating to him or I that she was leaving. She left him with his mouth full of blood several times to go and work on other patients. I know this because I was in the room with my husband and I could hear the grinding of her instruments on other patients. She took so long one time I had to ask the receptionist for water for husband because his mouth was so bloodied.  I found this behavior to be extremely odd and very uncomfortable. In retrospect, I wish I had listened to that still small voice inside my head that told me to take my husband to the oral surgeon. If you want to use this service, Dr. S seems to be dentist that receives the 5 star ratings, however this was our first and last time.

Review by Nana K., 06/10/2019


Was seen same day with very little wait time. Procedure was paused due to complications and I was referred to a specialist. Options were discussed at length and all of my questions were answered thoroughly. I have the worst dental insurance in NY (UFT) so while it was not fully accepted, they worked with me to develop a fair financial plan. The manager, Maria, walked me through payment options and was very courteous and helpful. She also helped sort out what the insurance would pay and what I would be responsible for for each procedure that would possibly be billed. In the end, it turned out cheaper than anticipated but it gave me a good basis to plan future work should I return. The only drawback is, like most dental providers in NY, they do not participate in the UFT dental schedule of benefits.

Review by James B, 05/10/2019


My hygienist was awful. Made me hold the suction wand myself, tore my gums apart while cleaning, missed an area while polishing, and couldn't get the X-ray machine to work to save her life. She may have been new, but she gave off the impression that she just didn't care about making me comfortable at all. I've been to Dental365 a few times. If I go back, I will make sure this hygienist doesn't get anywhere near my mouth again.

Review by Anonymous, 02/06/2019


I needed an urgent root canal for a molar which is a headache and half to put it lightly. I am a medical resident, so time off to take care of my personal things is an issue. Dr. Shoykhet accommodated me on a very short notice and did an incredible job. She took some X-rays, explained my treatment options, what I needed and how long it would take. She was very patient with answering all of my questions. She has hands of gold. Anesthesia was painless and effective. My root canal was done and 10d later I had a perfectly fitted porcelain crown. He r assistant Sam is super nice, professional and made the transitions between procedures super easy. Not to mention helping me navigate through Netflix! Very clean, modern, minimal and efficient office. Pleasant and friendly staff. Over all royal treatment experience. Thank you!

Review by Marina M., 10/04/2018


I showed up on a Sunday tired and in pain without an appointment.  I was treated with care and respect as if I'd been going there my whole life.  Treatment options and costs were clearly explained and followup scheduling was easy and convenient.  The facility is immaculate and the staff is friendly and professional.  The best dentist I've ever had!  I can't say enough kind things about them. Thanks!!

Review by Rob E., 07/19/2018


I awoke with a nice chunk of missing tooth. A deep filling from many years' ago apparently fell out. What to do?? I called Dental 365. Nicest staff--knowledgeable, polite, and accommodating.

The space is modern, clean, and comfortable.

Dr. McKenzie identified the issue immediately and said she could save the tooth. I needed a crown. I was fit with a temporary crown and will return for the permanent.
I experienced zero discomfort or pain. And Dr. McKenzie is clearly skilled. She also has a good bedside manner.  I'm switching to this place for my regular dental needs.

Review by Jill M., 06/16/2018


It is difficult to get revved up about going to the dentist. After all, if you get out of there without any pain or bad news, that is as good as it gets.

Still, Dental365 proves there is another side to this experience. Sure, cleanings are par for the course, but having my lips gently treated with moisturizer because I was told "they are dry"?  

Hands down AWESOME...if only my appointments were monthly, then probably wouldn't have that crick in my neck!  Shout out to Dr. Shoykhet and team for their smiles and professional attitudes.

Review by Mac D., 04/20/2018

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